Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It's no secret that we are big UK fans in this house. Last month the CATS basketball team was playing in a tournament so of course we had to support them by dressing Cayden in a full UK basketball uniform! He loved it! He thought he was BIG stuff!

We were excited for football to start! Adalyn has a cheerleader outfit from last winter that still fit and Cayden has a football jersey from a hand-me-down bag of clothes from a friend. They wore them for our first game and I thought they looked so cute that I had to get a picture!

The kids both got new running shoes since they had grown out of their old ones. They are actually the same shoes but in different colors. Cayden loved his shoes and started running laps in the house to show us how well they work. It was so cute! He was bursting with excitement!

Adalyn starts soccer this weekend so Jonathan took her to buy some pink cleats. I'm pretty sure it was his most favorite thing he's ever bought her. Of course he also bought her a matching ball. Last month he found some pink shin guards at a consignment sale and they ended up matching the shoes perfectly. She also didn't have many sporty clothes so we got her a cute little Puma outfit. She is so excited about soccer! Jonathan dressed her all up and took her outside to practice so of course I had to get a picture. These kind of take my breath away since she looks way too old!

I'm pretty sure he's secretly hoping that she takes to soccer so she can follow in his footsteps. Only time will tell! I just love that she is willing to try new sports and has fun doing it!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Zoo Birthday Party

Our nephews who live in Louisville have the same birthday and a couple weeks ago we went to the Louisville Zoo to celebrate their birthdays with them. Of course I forgot the big camera so we just got a couple pictures on our phones.

It was drizzling all day but that actually helped hold off the crowds at the zoo on a holiday weekend. We were able to get a train ride before they closed it due to rain. Cayden loved the train ride. Or maybe I should call it a "choo choo" ride. He was a fan! (Even if he doesn't look like it in these pictures.)

Then we headed over to the carousel. Adalyn loved it! I even got in on the fun!

 For some reason Cayden didn't want to ride a moving animal. He seemed to like it last time so I'm not sure why he was acting that way, but he enjoyed some time with Aunt Heather and Chaz.

After the zoo we went to Moe's to get some lunch and one last cousin picture before we headed back to Lexington. The kids had a great time spending time with family!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adalyn's First Race!

Two weekends ago Adalyn ran in her first race and of course I had to get lots of pictures. I belong to a local chapter of a running club called Moms Run This Town. We use a group facebook page and have gotten to know each other through the page, meeting up before/after local races and getting together with girls in our own neighborhoods for training runs. We have all different ages of women in our group and we all have different paces. I've gotten to become friends with some of the girls in the group and I've had fun at the different meet-ups.

The running group does two virtual races a year. A virtual race is when you pay for a bib and medal but do the running on your own time. The club has each of the local chapters do the virtual race together. This race our leader decided we should do a trail hike instead of a road race. (Not my ideal but it ended up being a pretty day and a good way to meet more girls in the club.)

When they released what our race medal would look like they also released a medal for a kids race. Our leader asked if we had interest in planning a kids race and we all decided that would be fun. The kids medals matched ours but were a bit smaller so the kids thought they were BIG stuff after the race!

We rented out a shelter at a local park and did a sign up list for a potluck picnic. Our leader made up "swag bags" for the kids that included stickers, tatoos, bracelets and other fun stuff. Since we all have different ages of kids we did different heats of races. The first one was the heat Adalyn was in and they had a short run out and back on the running path. Adalyn did such a good job and was so serious about it all.  Earlier that day she couldn't nap and she told me that she didn't want to run in the race because she hadn't had enough practice. She is her daddy's daughter!

Even though Cayden wasn't registered to run the race, we let him wear a race number and he thought he was cool. Of course right when the running started, it started to rain. So frustrating when you've planned something like this. But the kids didn't seem phased and ran anyway.

Ready to go in her cute little Nike running skirt.

 Lining up! 

 And they're off...

 Cayden lasted a couple steps and didn't feel like powering through the rain and wanted to be carried.
 Headed back to the finish line!
 This is one of my favorite pictures of her. The look of shear joy on her face is priceless!

 Can you tell she wanted to be watching the next round of runners instead of smiling for a picture? ha!

We are so proud of her! I sure hope this is the first of many race medals that will hang around her neck. Running is such a healthy sport so I really hope she has the love for it that her daddy and I have. She has already talked about the next time she will get to run in a race so I think she's ready to do it again!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vacation Part 3 - St. Augustine Evenings

Since we were staying at my brother's house, we were able to go to the grocery and eat most meals at his house. We grilled out with his family one night, ordered Chinese one night, and got pizza one night after the kids had not napped and Jonathan refused to leave the house with them. (They were seriously CRAZY that night!) So we ended up only going out to eat three times which was great on our wallets! And my brother helped us make awesome decisions about where to eat!

Wednesday my brother's kids had activities going on so the four of us went to dinner in Jax Beach. We went to this fun seaside grill place. (I can't remember the actual name.) It was in the upstairs of a building and pretty much outside. It was kind of like eating in a screened in porch and all the tables were picnic tables. It was very laid back and a bit crazy that the food was made downstairs and the servers had to bring the food upstairs to the tables! The food was good and the bonus was that we happened to go there on kids eat free day!

On Thursday we decided to go out to Aunt Kate's Restaurant in St. Augustine. It was on the river so we weren't on the ocean which was awesome because we had a beautiful sunset view during our dinner. This Fish Camp had a dock that we walked out on to get some family pictures while we were waiting for our dinner. This was my favorite atmosphere and food of the trip!

My mom bought Adalyn this precious Mud Pie dress the week before we went on vacation and Adalyn thought she was so grown up wearing it. She was sure she was a teenager (and she had had girl time with the girls painting her finger and toe nails)! Of course I had to get some sibling pictures in the back yard before we left for dinner.

 "Wadder!" You wouldn't guess by Cayden's face in all of these pictures, but he was in "wadder" heaven. He loved standing looking at it. (Which is probably why he was not happy that we were making him smile and look at a camera instead of the water.)

 Love Cayden's expression in this one... Little Turkey!

 Cousin picture. It's hard for me to believe my nieces and nephew are this old!

 Boys waiting for the girls to be done with pictures.

 Beautiful girls!
 They love their Uncle Aaron! I love him too. He's a pretty awesome brother!
 My brother's beautiful family.

 I was so glad my brother requested this table. It was awesome. We had a beautiful view of the sunset over the water and we had this cool tree that was growing up through the deck that was growing over our heads. It was so unique! The food was awesome too!
 Right below where we were eating was a lower deck and Cayden saw this owl thing and flipped out that it was a tweet tweet and wanted to go see it. He was petting it and talking with it. It was hilarious.

On Friday evening we decided to head to Old St. Augustine and go to a touristy area. Everything is touristy in Old St. Augustine and finding a parking spot within a 2 mile radius of the A1A Ale House was pretty difficult. Thankfully the guys dropped us off to put our names in but were gone forever finding parking and then walking back to the restaurant. While we were waiting on them the kids all sat down on the sidewalk and I had to grab a picture.
We somehow scored outdoor dining at this restaurant. My brother didn't even know that they had outside tables so that was pretty cool. And even though it was hot and humid, the table had a fan over it and it was absolutely pleasant while we were eating. We had an cool view of the ocean and city life!

 The kids did so well. Every night we went out to dinner we didn't eat until well after their normal bedtime but they really hung in there. Just look at Adalyn's face in this picture. I'm just glad they were never fussy about it.

 The kids and I all started walking toward the bridge to check out the pirate ships while the guys waited to pay our bill. I had to get a quick picture of them hanging on the balcony by our table. How cool is this old building?

 We were looking for Hook and Jake! There were actually some guys on this ship working on it so that was exciting for the kids!
 Beautiful sky as we walked back toward the city. It is a fun city to walk through! Lots of old buildings to check out.

 We did a lot of walking after dinner and I was thankful that Aaron was willing to lug this big guy around:)
 Of course we walked out of our way to get ice cream and fudge from Kilwins. I remembered it from last year (and the year before that.) It was well worth the walking and the calories! Between being up so late, spending time with the big girls, and then getting a whole cup of ice cream hours after bedtime, Adalyn was practically in heaven.
 And even though they were exhausted they were sweet enough to share ice cream:)
It was hard to head back to pack up our bags and the car that night so we didn't. Ha! We decided we would pack up the car the next morning and head home leisurely instead of at the crack of dawn. It worked for us and the kids were pretty good in the car. We actually only had to make one or two stops outside of food stops which is pretty good since it was about 12 hours in the car. We had a wonderful week filled with many memories and I'm so glad to have these pictures to look back to. We don't go on many vacations or trips, so this is my week of the year that I look forward to all year! And just because I couldn't help myself I had to find a sibling picture from last year's trip...

I can't believe how fast the time flies! I can't imagine how old they will look next year!