Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Tree Linky

This past month I have missed a lot of things in the bloggy world!  I feel a bit out of it.  But I saw on twitter that The Thrifty Decor Chick was having a Christmas tree linky party and I knew I had to hop in!

This tree was our original Christmas tree.  I started collecting the decorations for this tree in my single days.  I like the dark golds and dark reds.  This year since our house is bigger; I decided I would like this tree in our dining room front window and then I'd like a new tree in our living room!
 If you look in the last picture, in the background you can see my Willowtree nativity scene that I have been collecting since our first year that we were married.  Last year Jonathan found out that Willowtree had yearly angel ornaments that they started making in 2006 (our first Christmas we were married), so he found a website where he ordered the back years and gave me four of these ornaments for a present.  I love them and will look forward to my new angel ornament each year!  I think they show up well on this tree!

We bought a new tree for our living room this year. We needed to get a tree that was a bit fuller and found a great deal on one for 50% off at Michaels on Thanksgiving day!  I didn't know how I wanted to decorate it but I knew I wanted it to be more "fun" than the other tree which is more traditional.  I went to Hobby Lobby to get inspired and decided that I wanted to do lime green and silver.  Well, it looked a bit bland so I added some pops of bright red and now I LOVE it! (Still not sold on the skirt which is why it's not "on" the tree...I'm trying to find some fabric that I can make my own.)
 I knew I wanted to do mesh on the tree but couldn't decide whether to do vertical or horizontal but ended up with the horizontal mesh.  I had originally wanted green mesh but Hob Lob didn't have it.  I got the silver and am so happy I did.  I think it looks way better than green would have!  I also got some fun feathers that I stuck around.  I didn't know what I wanted for my topper and I found these fun pick things at Target and thought they were whimsical!
 I have about 6 or 7 "B" ornaments.  I love collecting them.  This one came from a cutie boutique here in town.
 I couldn't find lime green ornaments that I liked so using an idea I saw on blogs last year, I got clear ornaments and shredded tissue paper and added cute ribbons and I think they turned out great!  I ended up adding the ribbons to the plain white and silver balls too to tie them all in to the theme of the tree!
 After Christmas last year I bought a bunch of fun decorations at a boutique I love.  Don't you love how you forget what you bought after season and when you open up your decorations it's like you opened surprises!! I had bought 5 special ornaments on sale and they all ended up being green so they are perfect on my new tree!

I hope you enjoyed a "tour" of our Christmas trees.  I don't love the effort that goes into putting them up, but I do love looking at them all month (especially this year that I'm home all day for the month on maternity leave!)  We have a bunch of small trees around the house too, but that will have to be part of my Christmas decorations post. 

And I can't write a post anymore without a picture of this cutie.  She was having tummy time today and seemed to actually enjoy it! Such a big girl now!


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Love your Christmas Trees, great job!

Ashley said...

Love! Love! Love! The tree and the fact that you are a Hob Lob fan;)

Brook said...

Great trees! Love Hobby Lobby, wish there was one closer to me. Your little girl is way cute. The year my daughter was that age she loved to sit in her bumbo and stare at the tree. Such a fun age. said...

Ooh Eem Gee!!! We are Kindred spirits!!! I LIVE at Hob Lob!!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE your blog, I love your tree and love that Dakota!!! TOO CAAAUTE! I am your newest follower and Im gonna go look at more of your stuff! I would LOVE it if you would visit my blog and 14 days of Christmas trees...I have a giveaway that MIGHT match your decor...SOOO glad i found you!



Sue said...

Your trees are stunning Abby! You could totally be a professional tree decorator!

And little Adalyn... sigh... so precious. She looks so great in pink! :-)

Hugs xo