Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Adalyn turned two on Friday. Wow. How do I have a two year old? I now understand the reason why my mom always remembers back to the events by the hour on the day of my birth. All day I would look at the clock and remember what part of labor I was in. It still feels like yesterday. (Maybe because it practically was yesterday, except it was with Cayden.) Ha!

Thursday night after Adalyn went to bed Jonathan blew up 30ish balloons and put them all over the floor of Adalyn's room. When Adalyn first woke up in the morning we were there to greet her singing Happy Birthday and playing with balloons!

She wasn't quite sure why mommy and daddy were singing to her!
 Enjoying the balloons daddy was throwing around.

I took the day off work and wanted to take my girl out for a special mother/daughter birthday dinner. Jonathan suggested the cafe inside our local bookstore. It ended up being a fun place to go for a girls day. And afterwards we went downstairs in the bookstore to the kids section and Adalyn got to play with some of the toys that were set up.
Headed to a special birthday lunch!
 My mom happened to be in town for the weekend, so I invited her to come along for a 3 generation mother/daughter lunch. What fun!!
 They had a sign up that if you uploaded a picture of your food to facebook and tagged the restaurant then you could get a free dessert. Of course I couldn't pass that up! We got a Peanut Butter Cream Pie.  Adalyn loved it!!! Can you tell how excited she was to dig in?

After a nap, we headed out for groceries for Adalyn's party the next day. On our way home, we picked up Adalyn's favorite dinner (as of right now): Pizza!!  After she ate an entire piece of pizza and a breadstick we had a dessert of cupcakes!  Adalyn didn't want to get her hands messy so she dove head first into her cupcake!

 She blew out both candles!
 Face first into the icing!

 Love this face!
 Adalyn opened a couple gifts from us. She knew exactly what to do.
 We gave her a Slice and Bake Cookie Set. Can you tell how much she loves it?

All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful day with my girl. I love her so very much. Every day she amazes me more than the last.

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Crystal said...

She is so darn cute! I can't believe they are two! Sounds like a fun day!