Sunday, June 9, 2013

Memorial Day - Family Time

I am just now getting around to blogging about the rest of our Memorial Day weekend. We had a really busy week last week and I didn't have a moment of down time to sit in front of a computer.

My parents' neighbors have a couple kids and a pretty awesome swing set and gave my parents an open invitation for my kids to use it. Adalyn LOVED it! Of course there was a lot of rain throughout the weekend but she was able to log some time playing!

 She loved the rock wall!

 Papa enjoyed himself too!
Sunday Pictures! Red, White and Blue Sunday clothes!

Monday morning is our family's annual Memorial Day breakfast picnic. All the men in the extended family go to the park and cook breakfast and then the wives and kids meet up at the park and decorate picnic tables and eat breakfast. There is also an unspoken competition for who can wear the most patriotic outfit. Usually the kids stay entertained on the swings and have a pick-up softball game. This year it was freezing cold and rainy. Such a bummer. But we powered through. I didn't get many pictures of the event because we were all just trying to stay warm.

 Since my kids were bundled up at the park I had to get a picture of their patriotic outfits. Of course I had to improvise since Adalyn's outfit was supposed to be shorts and a tank top. I thought they looked pretty cute. 

Before we left town we decided to get some family pictures. Of course we were already changed into our car riding clothes and the rest of my family was still dressed up but that's ok.

My brothers and me.

 Adalyn and Uncle Aaron.
 Cayden and Aunt Viera.

 Uncle Aaron with the kids.
 Uncle Brian and the kids.
We had a really nice weekend relaxing, getting a few runs in, seeing family, shopping and hanging out together. Of course it was finally pool weather on the day we were leaving town. Oh well. That's life:) 

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Lindsy said...

Love their outfits and love all the family pictures!