Monday, January 13, 2014

More December Fun

This post is going to be a mash up of a bunch of Christmas festivities the week of Christmas!

Adalyn loves helping in the kitchen and is really into baking after spending time making cookies with Nana earlier this month. I got ingredients for cute pretzel, hugs and m&m's treats and she was so excited to help. She unwrapped all of the hugs and placed them on the pretzels. She was so excited to take these treats to her sitter's house to share with her friends on her last day of daycare before Christmas!
 I love how serious she is with her Home Depot apron on. Love that high pony! How is my girl this old?
 Adalyn was so excited to have her friends over to exchange presents. (I was too!) Of course it was a chore to get the little siblings to stand still for the picture. 
 These two are the best of friends. I just love how they hold hands and love on each other.
 Cayden opened this adorable monster hat. LOVE it!
 And some fun little cars. He was excited to show one to me!
 Emalyn enjoyed riding the scooter in an unconventional way while carrying her baby doll.
 Adalyn loves her new Cabbage Patch Kid!
We spent Christmas Eve with Jonathan's mom, sister and nephews. Adalyn had fun making an ornament craft with her cousins.
 Aunt Heather loving on the littles.

 Making reindeer food is serious business.

 Adalyn loved the Christmas train!

 Christmas picture of the cousins.
 Of course Cayden didn't want to stand still so after he crawled away we took pictures of the older cousins.

 Cayden likes his new chair. (Although he still likes to steal his sister's pink chair!)
 Adalyn was really excited for her new kitchen from grammy!
We went to Jonathan's extended family Christmas Eve party. We had a great time seeing everyone but we probably stayed a bit too long. The kids were starting to melt down. These pictures are pretty funny! Poor Cayden. He was past pictures.

That brings us to Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at our house which will need it's own post!


Aishlea said...

I love your kiddos sweet smiles!! :) So precious!

Lindsy said...

I fear it will be February before I post about Christmas (sigh!). These pictures are precious - my girls have ALWAYS loved helping in the kitchen and although it totally slows the entire process down, I adore that time with them. So sweet. That boy - he's getting so big, I can't wait to love on him this weekend. Um..Adalyns hair? Is it getting straighter or did you blow it out? Enquiring minds need to know. =)