Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Weekend at a Lake House - Part 2

Our weekend at the lake consisted of pjs, lounge wear, puzzles, coloring, TV and relaxing. One evening, we had a spur of the moment dance party. The kids had so much fun! Ok, the adults did too:) I hope the memories we made will stay with our kids for a long time.


We helped kids do puzzles, struggled (and never finished) a crazy hard puzzle for the adults and lounged. Oh, and the kids loved on each other. Seriously I don't remember any of them ever fighting over toys or hurt feelings. They were all friends and so sweet together. Here are some random pictures from the weekend.

 The basement had a table perfect for working a puzzle! There was also a pool table but any time the guys tried to play it the kids would try to "help" so that never really worked very well. 
 It was funny how the boys were dressed so much alike (accidentally.)

 The guys were gathered around the TV watching football.

Of course we had to get some "triplet" pictures just as we have done every 6 months. Now that they are older and more mobile it was a bit harder to get them to all sit and smile.
In birth order: Cayden, Finn & Grey
The first time they met:

 The older kids were getting cozy while we were taking their brothers' pictures. They may have been a bit distracting:)
 We were trying to show their height difference but you can't tell much in this pic. Finn is the tallest and then Cayden and then Grey. I love that they all have about the same amount of hair but each boy has a different color. They each have such a different skin coloring and body shape. It's so fun to compare them:)
 You can see their height a bit better in this pic. These boys are so much fun.
 Of course they aren't looking at the camera, but they sure are sweet.

 ...and they're done.
 We wanted to get a picture of all of the kids. Please note my son in the next two pictures. We had a total and complete melt down.

 And a picture of all of the kids in age order. Some smiling, some not, but at least there aren't any crying!
We need to take a trip down memory lane:
4 months old
11 months old
17 months old
 It is amazing how fast these boys have grown. I'm thankful that we've been able to get them together about every 6 months. I want them to grow up as friends!
 It is absolutely amazing that our group of 6 friends not so long ago has grown this big!

 After the kids went to bed we made s'mores in the fireplace. I had to include this picture of me mid-bite because it shows what we actually did all weekend:)
 A little cartoons on the last morning. I think their expressions say it all. They were exhausted but not ready to leave each other.

We had an absolutely wonderful weekend! We stayed in an amazing (and free!) house. We had lots of laughs, played lots of games, and talked non-stop (the girls. Not the guys. As if I needed to state the obvious.) It was so hard to leave our friends. I was not ready to go back to reality. But knowing that somehow we have managed to get together about every 6 months made me know that it won't be long until we do it all over again!


Aishlea said...

Looks like y'all had a GREAT time!

Janine said...

It was so much fun and I love our friendships!!! And I especially love our children's friendships! I still cannot believe we had ZERO fighting/crying/arguing amongst the babes...they really were perfect! :) Miss you guys.

Lindsy said...

I'd like to go back - stat! It was such an amazing weekend and relaxing time. We have a BIG group but an incredibly FUN one too. Thankful...beyond words.