Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kentucky Football

Last night Jonathan and I went to the Kentucky vs Tennessee football game. It was a GREAT first half, but then Kentucky forgot to show up in the second half. We eventually lost in overtime. So sad! The Tennessee fans were so obnoxious. We actually saw two fights break out between UK and UT fans! People are crazy (and intoxicated)!

Anyway, a guy that Jonathan works with couldn't use his season tickets so he gave them to us for free! (Jonathan is on a list for season tickets so hopefully we'll have them next year.) Then he gave J a tip to park in the library employee parking lot and sure enough when we got there, they regulate the parking lot and with Jonathan's employee parking pass, we got to park in a near empty lot for FREE! (If you don't count that we pay monthly for that pass!) :) We walked through campus to get to the stadium and it brought back J's memories of being a student. He showed me his old dorms and places he hung out. How fun!

It was a perfect night for football. We thought it was going to be freezing so we layered. I guess I layered too well because I didn't even need my coat till half time and even then I didn't have to zip it up! But it was nice to not freeze during a November football game! (Sometimes the south really surprises me!)

I didn't want to carry my camera around so I only was able to get some pics from my phone, but here they are.

A cool formation for Senior Night before the game.
Before the stands got full. I couldn't get a good pic with the field behind us. They kept turning out blurry!
A very packed arena!
Because of where we parked, we missed sitting in all that traffic! It was perfect! We hadn't been to a game in years and we had so much fun. (It didn't hurt that it was such a huge game and the place was sold out! Kentucky pride is so awesome!) I wish that wasn't the last home game of the season! Now I can't wait till next year so we can go again!

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Justin and Jessica said...

I love football!!!! :)

Way to go on the run! I'm impressed that Billie ran it too - I'm pretty sure I would use the excuse of just having a baby to not run.

Have a great week!