Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas Decorations

On Black Friday, Jonathan and I got up early (ok, not really), I made Oven Toast (a family specialty breakfast that includes broiling bread with butter and brown sugar) because obviously we were trying to make a healthy choice. Then Jonathan made the climb into the nicely finished attic, which we didn't have at this time last year!

All of a sudden, our garage was FILLED with Rubbermaid boxes. I have some OCD tendencies and one is that all of my holiday decorations have to be in nice sealed boxes so they look all tidy! Well, we started opening up all of the boxes and we got a bit overwhelmed with how much stuff we have. So we decided to venture out to go shopping to get out of the house. Well it just so happens (we found this out last year) that the shoppers have left the stores by mid-afternoon and the stores still have sales! So we got a few little things (no serious shopping). Then we came come all rejuvenated and started decorating the tree.

I wanted to share some pics of my decorations with you since most of my family is long-distance and won't ever get to see my decorations in person. It's still a work in progress.

First is my tree. This tree has not changed since before we were even married. Well, the tree itself has (we had to get a pre-lit one) but I got most of these decorations for my tree in my apartment during my single days. I obviously like the look of it since I've kept it around for so many years. I thought of doing something different this year, and then we got the stuff out and I decided I still like it!
Next is my Willow tree nativity scene. Jonathan arranged it this year. Didn't he do a great job? Each year that we've been married, I have asked for more pieces to this set. Now I have the complete set and I love it! (Well, complete other than the platform but it's really expensive!)
This is my advent calendar. My mother-in-law gave it to us on our first Christmas we were married. I love it. It's from the Bombay Company (so sad it's gone) and we both enjoy putting the ornaments on it each day. (The ornaments are on magnets.) Growing up, I always did an advent calendar. Each day had a little rhyme about Jesus' birth story. I have such good memories of that. I can't wait to do that with our kids one day.Stockings. Our next house is going to have a fireplace! How else does Santa get in? Yes, Dakota gets a stocking! I love the reindeer holders!Here are some more random pictures:
(The cute snowman is from Pier 1 - love it!)
(This star was my tree topper. I got it when I worked at Pier 1 many years ago but it was so heavy that it didn't stay up on the tree well so I took off the holder and made it into a decoration instead.)
This giant reindeer was a gift from my mother-in-law the second year we were married. I love the holiday stuff she gives us! I look forward to it each year!
I just had to post this picture to show my new purchase at Bath and Body Works. Last night I walked in there and HAD to have this candle. I LOVE the scent and it's just so cute! I had a coupon for a free item with a $10 purchase, so I bought some new body wash and got this for free!! I need to find him a better place to sit though. (Please notice the Holiday Mint M&Ms that Billie so kindly got me hooked on!!)I love snowmen. This is my snowman tree next to my sink! It never changes each year. I like to leave the snowman nutcracker out all winter because who says that snowmen are Christmas-y? They are winter-y!This tree I got at Pier 1 after the season last year when it was like 75% off. I had watched it all season and wanted it so bad! I left it up all winter because I just loved it! (Please disregard the Pup-Peroni's on the counter - they have to be easily accessable for Cody. I'm sure you understand!)
I have a small tree that is still a work in progress. When I finish that I'll have to post more pictures. AND I think our outside lights look great, but it's raining so I'm not going outside to get a picture, so that will have to be later too.

After reading back through this post, I have two things to say: 1) I think I do too much shopping at Pier 1...ok maybe not:) and 2) if you made it to the bottom of this post then you deserve a prize!


Justin and Jessica said...

Your decorations look beautiful! :)

You weren't kidding when you said your tree was a lot like ours! :) I swear we have the exact same ribbon on the tree. Too funny!

Have a great week!

Sue said...

I LOVED seeing your place all decked out for Christmas. Your tree is gorgeous and I love your reindeers, nativity and snowmen!! It all looks great Abby!

Lindsy said...

Ummm - I love those freaking m&m's. My co-worker Dawn got me hooked on them. Well,I would be hooked anyways if I allowed myself to be - which I am not. Whats my prize - I totally made it to the end?

Marlene said...

Your decor looks great. I have got to get started. Maybe tomorrow I will feel inspired to carry it all out. Maybe not. Love the little tree.

amie said...

Very festive! I love your tree :)

Lisa said...

Hello! I am leaving a comment on the first and last blog entered...I love your red ribbon that hangs on your tree. I REALLY want to try to do ribbon next year. Thanks for sharing your home with the tour of homes!

Merry Christmas!

Lisa :)

Jacquelin said...

Everything is just beautiful, you have a lovely home. Love your trees and mantle. Thanks for sharing.
Merry Christmas!

sweetpicklesandchocolate said...

i love your christmasy home and you are such a cute couple
merry christmas