Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Visit from Papa and Grandma Nan

My parents came this weekend to visit us.  Well, lets be honest... they were mostly visiting Adalyn:)  It's always nice to have them come to town.  We wish that they lived closer!  Adalyn got to skip going to the sitter on Friday and instead had the undivided attention of her grandma and papa all day.  I'm pretty sure she was oohed and aahed over all day long!  Unfortunately when I got home from work Friday night my throat started hurting and I ended up not sleeping all night and feeling pretty bad on Saturday.  Not a great hostess weekend for me so thankfully my parents didn't care:)  And they were more than willing to help with Adalyn!

Here are some pictures from before church.  This outfit was a Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law and I LOVE it!

 Sitting like a big girl.  She always wants to be sitting up so she can see everything going on!
 With papa
 Playing with daddy!

Now Adalyn is ready to watch her first Super Bowl.  I think she's personally looking forward to the e-trade commercials:)

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Ashleigh said...

her little outfits are adorable! she's so precious!