Monday, August 27, 2012

Cayden's Hospital Pics

I am finally getting some time to upload pictures and write some posts. Yay!!  Here are some pictures from our hospital stay. Warning: This is picture overload:)

Adalyn meeting her brother for the first time. She was so curious and wanted to touch him. She wanted his hat off so she could see his hair. It was so funny.
 Then she wanted to hug him and give him love. She gave him kisses too. She is still this sweet with him. She just loved him from the first moment and it made this mama's heart so happy.
 First family picture.
 The kids gave each other gifts. They gave each other the same monkey (in different colors) and Cayden got a lovie and Adalyn got a Big Sister book. It's a big girl book (not a board book) and she has been so gentle with it. She loves reading it.
 The nurse brought a baby for Adalyn. (I got this idea from my cousin and it was so special!) I had wrapped the baby in one of Adalyn's old receiving blankets.  When the nurse took it to the station to be ready to bring it to Adalyn, she went above and beyond by putting a hospital band on the baby's wrist and then she brought a "mommy" wrist band for Adalyn too. It was so sweet that our nurse made it so special for Adalyn. She LOVES her baby. (We honestly had the best nurses! We loved them all!)
 Grandma Nan holding Cayden. Maybe I should say "Nana" since that is what Adalyn calls her. 
 Papa with his baby boy.
 Eli (and his parents) came to visit Adalyn (and Cayden too). Can you tell how much they love each other? They kept giving each other hugs and kisses. They play so cute together.
 We found a cute little diaper bag and also a set of "baby gear" from Target that had a baby carrier. When Adalyn would come to visit us my mom said she'd gather her baby doll in her carrier and her diaper bag in order to be ready to go. So cute!  One of my nurses said she saw Adalyn walking down the hall with her baby carrier and bag and said how cute she was.
 Adalyn got herself in this chair and put the boppy on her lap to feed her baby. I have absolutely no clue how she knew to use the boppy that way. She had not yet seen me use it for baby C!!
 Adalyn holding her baby brother. She doesn't call him Cayden. She calls him Baby. And she asks about him constantly. 
 Caleb (and his parents) came to visit Cayden. These boys are going to be BFF's! I can't believe they are only 5 months apart. How in the world will my baby be that old so soon??

I feel bad that we didn't get more pictures of people in the hospital room who came to visit us, but honestly I was just trying to do more "living in the moment" than worrying about picture ops. (I've honestly been this way at home also. I need to be more deliberate with getting pictures!)  I think this post is long enough as it is. Going home pictures will have to be another post:)

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Crystal said...

Such good pics!!! They are both so cute! Good idea with the baby doll:)