Wednesday, August 29, 2012


First Week:

First nap time with daddy. 
 First-time mommy...stealing some wipes for her baby doll.
 First diaper change. (Can you tell how serious she is about it? Like all her "baby gear"?)
 First time to be held by "Aunt" Billie. (She was there when he was born but didn't get to hold him since he was taken to the nursery.)
 First outing to the Doctor's office.
 First sponge bath.

 First fuzzy head.
 Mommy's thirty-FIRST birthday. First birthday with two kids. Cayden's first week birthday.


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh, I love them all! :) Especially mommy with her two babies!!

Jonathan (aka Baby-Daddy) said...

Is that an actual smile on Adalyn in the last picture?? Yes! We captured one on film!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, Abby. He is precious! Hope you love having a boy as much as I do!

Janine said...

I am impressed with your "firsts" picture taking! You captured some good firsts... He is so sweet and you look fabulous!

Lindsy said...

Lovin' all the "firsts" since I can't be there to witness them myself (sniff sniff).