Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cayden's First Haircut

Cayden had his first hair cut two weeks ago. This is the first big milestone that he has reached before Adalyn since she has yet to get her hair cut! He barely had any hair but the hair that he did have was getting long and hanging over his collar in the back. Jonathan wasn't ok with that so he said Cayden needed a hair cut.

I called my friend, Laura who cuts my hair and she fit us in. She has twin 2 year olds so I knew she was used to cutting the hair of squirmy kids:)

Cayden and daddy in the waiting area. Cayden has sleepy face since I had to wake him up to go to his appointment.

 Not much hair but it was a big shaggy.
 Messy hat head.
 Once I gave him his paci, he was less fussy and squirmy.

 Along with cutting the back of his hair she cut the shaggy parts in the front too. It's subtle but looks so much better.
 Can someone please note the multiple cowlicks on the back of that head that I have to deal with when trying to comb his hair down? We can thank his daddy for those:)
He looks like a big boy but not too big because I am well aware that he still barely has hair compared to other kids his age. But his hair cut is just so cute. And how sweet was it that my friend gives 1st hair cuts for free? Yes, I kept some hair but totally forgot anything to bring it home so she made a little foil envelope for me. Mom of the year award:)

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Lindsy said...

We had Grey's first cut done on Sunday - now I can't get over the "little man" cuteness!!! He looks so cute.