Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trick or Treat

Halloween was a bit different this year because trick-or-treating actually moved nights due to severe weather. I did dress the kids in cute Halloween outfits for daycare on Thursday and then for some holiday spirit they wore their skeleton pjs to bed.

Of course little brother didn't want to stand still for a picture. I love Adalyn's pants (I found them at a consignment sale) but she wasn't too thrilled with them. Thankfully I talked her into them that day:)
I know I'm biased but I think they look practically angelic in this picture. 

Friday, after we ran to the other side of town to pick up our packets for our race on Saturday (post coming soon!) we hurried home to trick-or-treat. Jonathan's mom came in town to spend the night and keep the kids for the race the next day and she made it in town in time to come trick-or-treating with us.

 Lots of the houses in our neighborhood just leave the candy on the front porch so that both parents can walk with the kids through the neighborhood. This is the cutest little bucket. I remember she wouldn't even walk up to it last year and this year she thought it was great!
 Please notice Cayden digging for candy in his bucket.
 He was so proud of himself for finding this box of candy. This box kept him entertained for much of the street!
 This house was all decked out. Adalyn looked like such big stuff walking up to the bucket on this front porch. It's amazing how much older she acts this year. Last year she wanted us to walk up to every front door with her. This year she was a big girl and walked up all by herself!
 I think she would have kept walking if we had let her. She had so much fun!
 I tried to get a picture with Cayden and Adalyn but by this time they were starving and he didn't feel like sitting for a picture.

 We tried to get a picture inside of our little owl and monkey. Too bad the monkey wouldn't sit still and hopped away.
 See? He like to walk/hop on his knees and was not about to sit still for a picture. Sometimes you just have to say...that's as good as we're going to get:) (See the box of Dots in his hand still?)
We had a fun night and made memories!


Lindsy said...

Super cute costumes! I love the leave the bowl out thing - the neighborhood we trick or treated in did that too!

Janine said...

Great pictures even though they aren't sitting still! We have that problem too ;). I love that Cayden carried the candy around and this was good enough for chunky monkey knows what's in those boxes and has to have some!!