Friday, February 27, 2009

DVR and Homemade Pizza!

I'm not really sure how I survived not having cable before I was married. Somehow I got by by using bunny ears to pick up three or four stations. Now that I've lived with a big screen TV, cable, and DVR I don't think I could go back! Sometimes I think our lives revolve too much around TV because I think we're both quite addicted! TV is our way to unwind after a long day. But the thing that makes TV even better...DVR! I do not know how anyone could live without a DVR (and to think my two best friends don't have one!). I love how it records all of my shows without me having to remember which shows come on which night and I never have to hurry home to catch a show! We never watch TV live...unless it's J watching sports! I love fast forwarding the commercials! And lets not forget how amazing the pause button is! The only problem with not watching live TV is that we can't talk at work the next day about who got voted off because we haven't watched it yet! I mean we could stay up late to watch shows, but isn't that the point of DVR? Not having to stay up to watch a show? We can be old people and go to bed at 9! Here is my one problem with DVR...ready?...I can only record two shows at a time! Maybe this sounds a little obsessive, but last night Idol was on while I already had two other stations recording my normal Thursday night shows! That means that we had to watch something live!!! oh no!!! Why can't they make the technology record as many shows at the same time as I want? Every single commercial last night I tried to grab the remote to fast forward and every time I got reminded how much I hate live TV! :)

Last Friday J made me homemade pizza for dinner! Aren't I spoiled? Well I was craving it all week, so after work we went to walmart (not the most fun thing to do while you're hungry after a day of work) to get our groceries, including more pizza ingredients. Do you know how cheap it is to make your own dough and pizza? Seriously...the package of dough mix was $.44! You know I had to stock up on some extra packs! And it really doesn't take that long to rise or cook!We got home and yes, my wonderful hubby made me his yummy specialty pizza again!

So, we had a wonderful night eating homemade pizza and watching DVRs. I love our cozy life!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I had a half day today so lucky me...I got to sleep in! Not so lucky is that I have to work Saturday morning. oh well. I actually slept almost 12 hours last night! I haven't done that in a very long time! Unfortunately I think I was able to sleep that long because I'm coming down with something. I woke up with a sore throat! Stinky! I don't get sick often and I'm not about to now! It better be gone by tomorrow! Maybe I can scare it off:) hehe

Anyway, while I was getting ready this morning Jonathan texted me to tell me that the head of the accounting department asked if he had a resume that he could give her. Of course he's always prepared with a resume or two! She said that she was going to see what she could do! We don't exactly know what that means, but that has to be good, right? We're trying not to get our hopes up. I know I'm biased, but I think he has really impressed the people in his department with his work ethic and his ability to self-teach himself. I think God has something really cool up His sleeve! I wish I could help Him hurry up with whatever he has in mind! Can I just give Him a checklist of what I'd like? No? Oh yeah. Right. It doesn't work that way. Well, in the mean time we just have to have faith!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brandon Heath Concert!

We had the pleasure of going to a FREE Brandon Heath Concert tonight! There is a charity in Lexington called Step by Step that won a concert by Brandon from Air 1 to use as a fundraiser. Three of my girlfriends, my hubby, and I decided to go! It's a good thing we got there early because the main auditorium filled up fast! We got some really great seats!

Here are my girls: Tasha, Billie and Jes... We didn't plan the coordinating colors!

This is Brandon singing "Give Me Your Eyes". This is one of my all time favorite songs! You have got to go to his website and watch this music video. It really gets you thinking about what is important in life.

Since it was a charity concert, he didn't bring his whole band. He just had his keyboardist/back up singer. So I really enjoyed the whole acoustic low-key type of concert that he performed.

This is how thrilled Jonathan was to have his picture taken:). I love him for coming with me even though the other hubby's weren't there!

Here's Billie and Tasha waiting for the concert to start!

...and Jes and me. We tried to take a self portrait like old times but I must be out of practice because I couldn't get one to look ok so we finally broke down and had someone else take one! :)
Brandon seems like such an awesome guy trying to be used by the Lord in any way he can. I thought I only knew two of his songs, but it turns out he has a ton of songs on the radio that I never knew were his! All in all it was a fun night with friends praising Jesus!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My 4th, 4th

I really haven't felt like writing for the last couple days. Over the weekend I wasn't really feeling like myself...aka...not very talkative:) We didn't have much exciting happen over the weekend to speak of either. So, I'm going to post my 4th, 4th. This was in some other blogs I read. You go to your pictures file and choose your fourth file and then your fourth picture. So here it goes....

An oldie! This picture was a self-portrait taken in my apartment before we were married. We were celebrating my birthday (2005 maybe?). Don't we look young? hehe!

Tag! You're it! I want to see YOUR 4th, 4th!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Special Delivery!

Jonathan went to the mailbox today and came back in with a very interesting envelope. It was hand addressed and didn't have a return address. Inside was a note that said "God is watching out for you...and so is your church family." There was a check for $100! It was a cashier's check so we have no clue who sent it to us! Again this gift was the exact amount of a tithe that we had put in the offering on Sunday! God is awesome isn't he? We are still in awe. He really has provided for us during these very difficult times. We just wish we could thank whoever sent that to us. Wow!

On another note, Jonathan interviewed for a job today. Not his dream job, but it would be better than a temp job or no job. It turns out that at the end of the interview, one of the people interviewing him had seen him in the Stud Muffin video at Southland and brought it up. That can't hurt with him getting the job, right?

He really is starting to enjoy his temp job. We just wish that he would be able to do this job permanently! We have to wait on God's timing...and we're trying to have patience with it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Billie has forced me to run twice in the last two weeks! Seriously 2 times in 2 weeks sounds like nothing and it pretty much is nothing. But it's something!! We had sewing to do last night for some orders that we have, so I was totally up for ditching the running. But I couldn't do that to Billie. I knew that she had gone home on her lunch hour to pick up her running gear AND it was a really pretty evening, so there was no getting out of running. Having a running buddy is good because sometimes I'm not so strong and I need someone to force me to make the right choice and RUN! Sometimes I'm completely in the mood to run (not lately - maybe when it's warmer). I think the more often that you work out, the more you want to work out. So when you only run once a week, it's hard to get yourself back out there!

I think it's the same way with my Bible study. The more often I read the passages for my Bible study, the more often I think about it and want to read more. But if I only get my Bible out once a week, it's harder to get it out and be accountable to a daily devotion. I guess that is why our Bible Study leader told us that we should get accountability partners so that we can make sure we are keeping each other on track.

Sometimes we all need a swift kick in the pants, right?

BTW, I'm totally pumped that my girls Billie, Lindsy, Tasha, Chelsea, and I are going to do a 3K for Habitat for Humanity in 3 weeks! It's a small race, but it should be fun in downtown! This should definitely get me to train more often! I love training for races. I haven't run a race since Thanksgiving day, so I'm ready for the running "season" to start back up! I need to have a reason to run!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day - a day late! My hubby made me pancakes for breakfast as my Valentine's Day gift! What a nice way to wake up! We didn't make too big of a deal of V-Day this year but it was sweet to have breakfast made! We sat down to open our cards from our can always count on those for V-day! While we were opening mail, Jonathan opened an envelope that had a check for his bonus from 4th quarter of 2008!!! Wow! We weren't expecting that! God provides! Pretty awesome huh? That will really help us!

We spent the day by going to matinee movies with Billie and Derek. We were laughing because we said it was obvious that we aren't newly-weds anymore! Billie and I decided to go see Confessions of a Shopaholic and the boys decided to see Taken. It was perfect although not too romantic for V-day. Then Billie and I spent the evening sewing. Again, not too romantic. But I did break out the Pillsbury pink chocolate chip cookies to bake for my Valentine!

I'm going to enjoy the rest of this long Presidents' Day weekend! Jonathan is working tomorrow so Dakota and I get to spend the day together. I think I will be sleeping in! yay!

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Day!

Jonathan started his temp job today at UK! He wasn't set up in the computer system yet, so he filed all day! He came home with battle wounds from the manila folders all over his hands. He was exhausted from standing all day, but we are thrilled that he is working again. He even told his friend that he'd help over at the GNC store on Monday after he gets done at UK! He'll be exhausted Monday night. Even during his first day today, word spread about his knowledge of computers and the head of the accounting department came and asked him to help her with some issues she was having with Word. After Jonathan helped her, she decided she wanted the entire project she was working on redone, so she's asked Jonathan to do that in his free time! yay! I knew they would love him! Who wouldn't? :) I'm so happy for him! The only sad part is that I have Monday off of work for Presidents' Day and now Jonathan will be working! At least I won't have any excuses for not spending my day sewing!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A ray of light!

I've learned that this whole job searching thing brings a lot of ups and downs. Yesterday morning Jonathan had an interview. First of all, the interview was at a corporate headquarters for a company. It was an entry level job, but he didn't mind. He got to the office which was in an unmarked building. He wasn't told it was an unmarked building and thus started the unprofessional-ness of this company. Anyway, long story short, after the very short interview the guy told Jonathan that he couldn't give him the job because Jonathan is way to over-qualified. What?!?! Everyone in this job market is overqualified due to so many layoffs in this economy! Had the guy not read his resume before he called him to come in for an interview? Grrr.

Jonathan came back home and two hours later got a call from UK's accounting department for a temp job! A temp job is a job, so Jonathan had an interview at 2:00 for it. It went well and sure enough, they called him back to offer him the job. He went in this morning to fill out paperwork and get his parking pass. This job could be 1 week or 8 weeks. They weren't sure how long they would need him, but it could lead to a lot of opportunities since UK is one of the largest employers in the central Kentucky. He found out that he will be learning the UK computer system to do this job, which will give him an advantage for any other job openings there. I believe that once he's in that department and they see his work ethic that they will want to give him the next permanent job that comes available. That's just me thinking...God might have other plans.

Then yesterday afternoon Jonathan got a phone interview with another large company in town. The only problem with this company is that he would have to drive a service truck for 6 months before he could take the district manager position. For anyone who knows Jonathan, that could be a bit of an issue! hehe!

So, we got a ray of light! yay! And we also got a copy of our Stud Muffin video!

Billie and Lindsy came over last night. Billie and I did a Biggest Loser workout which kicked my rear! I'm still sore! Then we all got down to business...sewing! We had a good time watching Biggest Loser and hanging out together. Thanks Lindsy for helping us cut fabric! We loved having your help! Its so good to have girl time!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another relaxing weekend...

Last night we babysat Kennedy while Tim and Lindsy were at church. She's such a good baby! I have to post a picture of Jonathan and her that I took on my phone!

Couldn't you just kiss those cheeks?? Precious. Makes Jonathan and I want our own! But, first things first. We need to find a job for Jonathan! Good news, BTW...Jonathan has an interview for a job on Tuesday. We're not getting our hopes up yet because we don't even know really what the job entails or pays. But it's something.

Our friends came to church again today. How exciting! When we got home, I checked our DVR. Every week we record the Southland hour on TV in case we are out of town or miss a service. They are always a week behind. So I fast forwarded to the end and sure enough, they showed our "Stud Muffin" video! Cool huh? First time we've been on TV:) Who knows, maybe someone saw us on TV and wants to offer Jonathan a job. Who knows. God works in mysterious ways...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

So Cute~!

I just have to post this pic of the purse that Billie and I just finished. It just think its so cute!

We even made a cute key chain to match!!!

It's so nice to have a fun outlet! It gives me girl time with Billie and it allows us to dream that one day we can quit our jobs and work for our own business! We are going to get more girl time in the weeks to come in order to make a bunch of purses for the Toledo Christian School Auction! We don't know how we'll get everything done in time. We can't take away from our workout time, so I guess we'll have to work more evenings! Hobby's stop being fun when they turn into jobs, so hopefully we won't feel like its a job any time soon because so far I love making fun bags!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3D Let-down...

So, I know it's a few days past Superbowl, but I just had to post this picture of Jonathan and Derek (and Dakota too!) watching the Superbowl commercials! I like football, but I'm not usually really into actually watching the Superbowl. I just like to watch the commercials:) As you can see Billie in the background at the sewing machine, we were hard at work while the boys watched the game. The 3D commercials I think were a little over-rated but made for a great picture! We were thankful for DVR so we could rewind since we only had 2 sets of 3D glasses. Of course the boys took a picture just like this of Billie and me, but I'm not posting it! ha! Jonathan and I sat with our 3D glasses on just like this Monday night to watch Chuck, but that was a big let-down! The picture looked fuzzy without the glasses, but with the glasses didn't give that awesome Disney World 3D effect. I hope these TV shows get over the whole 3D thing!

Well, I'm off to do some Turbo Jam and finish a cute giraffe bag with Billie! (I'll post pics later.)I'm sure I'll be hurting tomorrow! My body is missing our outside runs, but it's just too cold and the sidewalks are still icy, so we've decided on a video for tonight.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Sunday Jonathan and I went to church. We brought a coworker of mine with us for the first time. Which, by the way she loved our church! yay! She even decided that she would sign her son up to get permanent scan-in cards for the nursery. So, that's pretty cool. As we were waiting outside the nursery, all of these people kept coming up to Jonathan and calling him a Stud Muffin and Congratulating him! ha! It was so weird. I mean, we have people at church that we say hi to and stop to talk to, but when you go to a church with 3,000 people per service and 4 services there are many people that you don't know. So, you can imagine how odd it was that everyone passing us who were coming out of the early service were staring at us like they knew us! What a weird feeling. That morning, before we left for church I had another coworker contact me and wanted to meet up with us for church also. She grew up in the church and hadn't been there for a while. She and her husband and 3 kids came. Isn't it crazy how God uses you when you least expect it? We have never invited anyone to come to church and now that we're in a video at church we're able to bring friends with us! Not that the video was the reason to come, but it helped. The service was awesome and we were laughing the entire time. Both of my friends said that they would definitely be back next week. Isn't that awesome??!! The "Publishers Clearinghouse" video turned out so cute. I'm going to see if I can get a copy of it to post on here! It was so funny to see us on the jumbo screens!

Here is another thing that struck me yesterday as a generous act and then as I was thinking today, it's really God showing us that if we continue to tithe faithfully, he will provide for us. Before our pastor announced that we were the winners of the contest, he said that Jonathan had lost his job around Thanksgiving and that we were struggling to make ends meet. Well, after the video everyone sitting around us was congratulating us. There is a family that sits by us every week. I don't even know their names, but we talk each week. The lady grabbed my hand and put money in it. I tried not to take it, but she wouldn't let me give it back. I gave her a huge hug and thanked her. Afterwards, I looked at the money and sure enough, it was the exact amount that we had put in the offering as a tithe. Wow. God is really awesome. Isn't he?

We're still waiting and trusting in God that one of these applications that Jonathan is filling out will come back with something positive. I have always said that if Jonathan finds a job in another city that it will be fine. Neither of us have family here, so the only thing we will miss is our church and our life group. After seeing our church family give us such kindness this weekend, I really can't imagine moving away. I know God's timing is not ours and he will continue to provide. I just need to cling to that...