Saturday, June 27, 2009

5k in Wilmore

Early this morning, Nevada, Billie, Jes and I met up to drive to Wilmore to run in a 5K for the Wilmore Fourth of July festivities (a little early I know). We usually just do races in Lexington, but we thought this would be fun. Wilmore is about 20 minutes outside of Lexington and is Small Town America. Everyone knows each other there. Asbury College is located in Wilmore, which is where I spent 4 years of college and even a year after college. Jes and Billie also attended college at Asbury so it was fun to run in the small town. It's major HILLY!!! But lots of fun memories. I know I only live 20 minutes away but I haven't been to Wilmore in a long time so I was surprised to see all of the changes to the campus!
Here is Nevada, Billie, me, and Jes half asleep from waking up so early, but ready to start the race!
It was Jes' first race! I was proud of her for coming out and doing it! Great job, Jes! Also, Nevada is getting ready for a 10K on 4th of July so she's been training a lot. She kept pace with Billie and me the entire time and finished in great time! Yay! Since Billie's 20 weeks prego, she was a bit slower than her normal pace so I was able to stay with her! Usually she leaves me in the dust! HA! We were able to talk the entire way (even through the many hills) about fun college memories! How fun! :)
No, none of us placed (even though Billie usually does!) but they had metals for everyone so we can pretend that we won! :) So we had to get an after picture since they are always so lovely of us all sweaty with our metals!
What a great way to start the day (even if it was insanely early, hot, and humid)! Billie and I headed back to shower and go to an art festival. I think we stayed maybe 2 hours. It was so blazing hot that we were over it! Plus we didn't find anything that we couldn't live without... and you know me, I'm frugal:)
A day like today needs to be either spent in a pool or in air conditioning. I chose the a/c today! Maybe the pool tomorrow!

Thursday, June 25, 2009


This morning my mom called to tell me that my childhood church burned down last night during the night. My entire family attended the church and all of my cousins and friends were married there, including Jonathan and myself. They actually announced my birth from the pulpit almost 28 years ago! I was really sad when I heard. I checked the news websites and watched the videos. It's just so sad. It was a really old building and they were having an air conditioning unit installed on the roof and that is where the fire started. It was a 2 alarm fire with over 40 firemen (firepeople? not sure what is politically correct) working to put out the fire. One news article said that it was over $3.5 million in damages. My dad went today to look at the damage and took some pictures. I wish I had a before picture.All day, memories of weddings, baptisms, funerals, church plays and my childhood just keep flashing in my mind. I mean we went to church Sunday morning, Sunday nights and Wednesday nights so I really spent a lot of childhood in this building. I know that a church is people and not a building, but the building holds just so many memories...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Safe and Sound

In case you are wondering I got the laptop back last Friday! YAY! Of course Fed Ex needed a signature but the computer company would only ship it to our house so after work last Friday we jumped in the car and headed over to Fed Ex to pick it up! When we got home J had to configure everything and put all of our documents and settings back to how we had them. So needless to say I didn't get to touch the computer at all! I didn't even see what time he came to bed because he was working on it so late! Saturday morning we left the house at 8:30 for our canoe trip and then Sunday I was so exhausted that I took a nap after church instead of getting on the computer!

When I finally got around to the computer I was so excited to post about our canoe trip that I never even mentioned that my precious laptop was back safe and sound! :)

I'm running in a 5K on Saturday with Billie and Nevada (Lindsy is on vacation...lucky her) in Wilmore! It's been a long time since I've been to Wilmore and I thought it would be fun to do a race there...I'm sure we will have many memories of college years as we run through the streets! I got a little run in today in 90 degree heat! (That's a little too hot for me!) But I needed to get a little training in so that I can get across the finish line on Saturday! It's a little sad that last year at this time I was training for a 10K!!! I've got some work to do to get back in shape:) Hopefully I'll have some pics on Saturday!

There are 3 movies out right now with actors from The Office that I want to see...Hangover, The Proposal, and Away We Go...they all look quite funny. Maybe I can get J to take me on a date! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Yesterday we went canoeing with three other couples. It was a perfect day! In the early morning there was a huge storm that came through, but by the time we woke up it was past us and it ended up being a beautiful sunny, blue skied, 90 degree day! Perfect for being on the water!

After our trip down the creek!
Tim and Lindsy, Derek and Billie, Jonathan and me, Eric and Beth
We canoed 12 miles down the Elkhorn Creek. The water levels were higher than they were last year when we went, so the current was pretty strong and we didn't have to row quite as much! We just coasted and relaxed and enjoyed each other! (Look at that beautiful scenery in the background! The blue skies and greenery were picturesque!)
The water was a bit murky from all the rain we've had, but we still stopped at our swimming spot and got in the water to cool off while the boys fished. We packed lunches and ate on the banks of the creek. This is what summer is all about! I don't consider myself an outdoorsy type but I really think I could spend every weekend like this!
Lindsy, Billie, and me after our fun day! Lindsy had planned this canoe trip for Tim's birthday so when we all got cleaned up we went back to their house for a birthday party! We had a great time at their house eating yummy food, playing corn hole and hanging out with friends. Needless to say we were exhausted today!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What does frugal mean?

Since Jonathan and I have been married, every time I leave the house to go shopping without him, he tells me to remember to be frugal. To which I reply, "I always am!" Frugal means a different thing to men than it does to women. To Jonathan I think it means that I should not get my wallet out of my purse under any circumstance. I think I'm being frugal because I ONLY shop off of racks that say sale or clearance and I always have a stack of store coupons! Why is it that I get a bit of a high when I find a really great deal??

Anyway, this past Saturday I was meeting Billie at the mall for some shopping. I didn't need anything but she did, so i was just along for the ride. I got to Macy's a bit early so I walked the shoe department (or should I say the shoe sale racks) and then the jewelry clearance area and then made my way to the purses... (Do you see where I'm going?) A girl should never wander around bored in a department store! I found a table with a 75% off sign! Do I need a purse? NO! I make my own...but then again I make my I never spend money on buying any new ones, so I deserve one right?? You like how my mind works? Don't lie, you do the same thing!

I found this Steve Madden purse that was totally not "me" but way cute and on sale from $58 to $14.50! Yes, you heard me right Steve Madden - $14.50!! I couldn't believe it. I put it back and walked around some more but then I broke down. I went back to get it...I just had to have it!

Even the inside is cute!!!

At The Limited I even put back a shirt on sale for $15 (that I really wanted) because I remembered that I had spent that on my new purse. I think that's pretty darn frugal even if I do say so myself! :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fancy Schmancy Designs

Two blogs in one day...I know I'm living on the edge:) I'm sitting here in our office at the desk using the desktop. boo. But I just had to check up on blogs...seriously...I have a problem:) And I saw this giveaway from Fancy Schmancy Designs. I entered to win this cake plate and thought I'd let all of you know about it too. Her stuff is soo cute! For any of you from Lex, it reminds me of what you would find at 2 Chicks and Co. or Peggys. I just love the polka dots! The green would go perfectly in my kitchen:)

Head on over to look at all the cute stuff...

Laptop...I miss you...

I know you were all worried about me when I hadn't posted in so many days! Here's the sad news...Our laptop crashed on Monday (thankfully I wasn't using it at the time, J I cannot be blamed!) Luckily my hubby is really good with computers and in his younger years used to work on the "geek squad" at Best Buy. (I didn't know him then...) He did everything he knew to get the thing back up and running! He even physically took the hard drive out and looked INSIDE the computer. He decided that it was the processor and not the hard drive - thank goodness! We bought our laptop in the day after Thanksgiving sale just this past year so it is still under the manufacturer's warranty. BUT it was our responsibility to back up the hard drive (and wipe it clean because I don't want some people I don't know looking through my personal stuff!)

Jonathan was able to get the tech guy at work to back up the hard drive yesterday! We did not want to have to pay Best Buy to do something J knew how to do (we just didn't have the equipment.) So today our laptop is being sent to Texas and hopefully within another 7 days we will get it back with a new processor and as good as new!

I've been squeezing in reading blogs at work but my work blocks things like comments and images:( so I haven't gotten the full effect. At home I constantly reach for the coffee table (where we leave the laptop) you think I have a problem? :) Jonathan keeps reminding me that I can still read blogs in our office at the desktop! But I sit at a desk all day long. I don't want to come home and sit at a desk! :) Thankfully we do have the desktop (since that is where the majority of our pictures and documents are).

Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I took Friday off of work to drive to Cincinnati to see my mom and dad who were visiting my brother's family and spent the day with my mom and nieces and nephew. This trip was also to bring my Dakota baby back home! He had been gone 3 weeks and we missed him so much! My mom and dad were kind enough to watch him so we could go on our trip on Memorial Day weekend, but unfortunately since they live 5 hours away, it's hard to coordinate getting him there and 3 weeks later he is home. He loves going to papa and gramma's house because they spoil him! He gets many more treats and walks at their house. Luckily he wasn't too bratty when we got him back home:). He's actually been a really good dog! (If you know Dakota well, you understand this statement!)

Yesterday Jonathan and I had an appointment to go to see the eye doctor in the morning. I have issues with itchy / burney (is that a word?:)) eyes so I figured I'd go first since I was the complicated patient. I really like my Dr. He's really sweet and is so understanding. He switched my contact type to daily contacts and hopefully that will work...then I was done and waiting for Jonathan. He hasn't been to see the eye Dr. since high school but he only wears glasses at night to drive, so we just wanted to get him a new pair of glasses. (And we found some really cute ones.) They kept doing more test and more tests on him and finally brought me back. He has high pressure in his eyes. (You know that puff test that everyone hates? That's the pressure test.) So he got a bunch of other weird tests and they have now recommended him to a specialist at the University because they believe he has glaucoma...which is absolutely unheard of in anyone this young! Luckily they have caught it early. Once he goes to see the specialist, I will update on this status. Please be praying for him. Moral of the story - Go get your routine physical, eye, dental exams done because you never know when they will find something and the earlier they find it the better!
Needless to say, this took more of our day that we expected.

I spent the afternoon with Lindsy and Kennedy at the YMCA pool. Kennedy had a ball. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. Lindsy and I finished up the day at this really cool coffee shop that had awesome food! (This whole time Jonathan was working in the yard! Thanks honey!) All in all we had a very full day (I didn't even have time to do my Shred!!! oh no!)

Today at church the sermon series is called Chill. They invited a Lexington 11 year old girl to come sing her own song called "Chillax." (I had heard about her on Youtube.) Her name is Almira Fawn and she is amazing! Her voice is awesome and she played the guitar and harmonica! Check out her website and you can hear her album! She also plays at Regatta on Monday nights and at Shamrocks on Friday nights. Now we have a great reason to go to Regatta! I haven't been there in forever!

This afternoon is all about "chillaxin". All of our "chores" are done and Jonathan is watching golf and I'm reading blogs. Gotta love days like this! I walked into the living room and saw Coda so chillaxed that his leg was hanging off of the couch and I just had to get a picture! (This cushion is his favorite spot in the house.)

Jonathan is pretty pumped that you can see Tiger on the TV hitting a shot in this picture! :) Oh yeah, and Dakota is 2 weeks past his monthly grooming appointment, so don't mind that he looks like a ragamuffin. HA:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My flowers are blooming! They look soo good! Thanks to J for caring for them and watering them:). Good thing I took this picture yesterday when it was in the 90's and sunny because it was raining today! The sun makes me excited for if I needed another reason:)

Today I did day 3 of the Shred and Jonathan decided to take a couple pictures of me while I was working out. I kept seeing a flash behind me but I couldn't do anything to stop him because I was in the middle of working out! He told me he was documenting for my blog. Well, I'm very sorry but you don't get to see the pics. I wasn't even wearing a matching outfit! :)

I hope this beautiful sun comes back for the weekend since I have plans for pool days on Friday with my mom and Saturday with Lindsy!

Monday, June 1, 2009


I was too busy last week blogging about the wedding to blog about my week. So a week later I have to tell you about my run last Tuesday. (Which by the way, was the last time I've gone running! I was exhausted last week after our trip and today it was 91 degrees when I was driving home from work so no running for me! I did do my first day of the Shred tho.) Anyway, back to my run. Last Tuesday I took a vacation day because I knew I would need recoup time from our trip. I woke up late and was getting the house in order and doing laundry and I decided I needed to take a run because it was supposed to rain in the afternoon.

I got my new running outfit (yes it's an actual matching tank top and shorts! whoo hoo for matching!) and started on my run. It was in the 80s and sunny and I was HOT. My subdivision is quite small so I run up and down all of the streets usually two times to get a long enough run in. Anyway, I was over on the other side of the neighborhood towards the end of my run and there is this little black and white Chihuahua on the sidewalk. As I was running towards him I was looking for an owner. I hate running by dogs that aren't on leashes (not because I'm afraid that I'll get a dog bite:)) but because when a dog sees someone running they start chasing and then I feel bad if I keep running because now the owner is trying to run after their's just a mess. Moral of the story...KEEP YOUR DOGS ON LEASHES! OK, not really the moral of this story but anyway...

So this little Chihuahua dog is chasing me now and about three houses up I see a lady at her garage so I slow down (which really irritates me because it messes up my speed graph on my Nike+ website!) and ask her if this is her dog. She said she's never seen it. So the dog runs out ahead of me and I start running again. Now the dog thinks its a fun game that I'm chasing it! A few more houses and I see a man working in his yard. I slow down again and call over to him. No, he's never seen the dog. I tried to call the dog so I could read its tags, but I have a little dog and I know that when they don't want to be caught they will either run or bite so I wasn't about to try to corner it. I decided I should cross the street and start running on the other sidewalk and maybe the dog would forget about me and go home. NO, not the case. He was keeping up with me on the other side and looking over at me like he was going to cross. Well I couldn't think of him crossing the street and possibly getting hit. (OK so that part of the neighborhood was so quiet that I don't think I saw a car the entire time I was running so I'm sure he wouldn't have gotten hit...but that's not the point.)

I crossed back over to the other sidewalk and I figured that I would just keep the dog in my sight and then I'll know he's ok. Up ahead of me he walked right up to a front door (by now we are quite far from where I found him). I know on walks that Dakota knows where our house is and will walk up to the front door when we come close enough, so I marched up on the porch and rang the doorbell. A lady answered and she said "SCRAPPY!! You're home!!!" She said she was with her kids and thought the dog was in another part of the house. I don't know if Scrappy gets out much, but I know how terrified I am if Dakota gets out. I would hope that someone would help Coda find his way home. I was just glad I was there to help.

So that's my warm fuzzy story for the day. I tried to find a picture of a black and white Chihuahua online but they only had pictures of puppies. So, since posts are always more fun with pictures AND I miss my little baby (who has been at grandma and papa's house going on 3 weeks so we wouldn't have to put the spoiled brat in a kennel while we were out of town last weekend) here's a pic of Dakota. BTW, I'm driving to go pick him up this Friday! I'm sure he will act out when I get him home because he gets more than spoiled at grammy's house!
Not the best quality picture but it was with my phone a few months ago. Mckmama always does a name that photo contest on her blog. I don't have anything to give away, but don't you all thinks this pic needs a caption?