Sunday, January 27, 2013

6 Months

Cayden turned 6 months on Saturday! How is my child half a year old??? Every month I can't believe he's older. The time just keeps flying by. Every age is my favorite. I love watching him interact with us. He loves watching his sister play. He has the most precious belly laugh and is so ticklish.

He's in size 3-6 clothes but they are starting to get a little tight so we might be changing over the closet soon. (Have you noticed that some brands like Old Navy and Circo run small but better brands like Gap and Gymboree seem to run bigger?)

He plays in the jumperoo at the sitter's house and she says that if he has his socks off (so his stocking feet don't slide on the hard wood) he'll jump and he really gets the hang of it. We've gotten the exersaucer out and he likes to sit in it but it doesn't seem to really stand or put much weight on his legs while he's in it. He also doesn't try to stand on our laps when we hold him. He'd rather curl his little legs up and cuddle. I'm sure the standing will come soon enough. He can shimmy himself off of his little play mat. He can roll over but doesn't do it often. He gets almost rolled over (except for one arm) all the time, but he doesn't do a full roll over much. He's honestly content where he's sitting/laying so I think he might take longer to move.  He loves his small Sophie teether and his lovies and some other small rattles. He's got quite a grip.

I think he's teething for how much he's chewing and drooling all over everything. Since he was 8 weeks old he has slept through the night every single night (the only exception is when we have been traveling and he hasn't been in his own bed).  For the past week he has woken up between 4 and 4:30 every single night. I don't feed him because I don't want him to get used to eating during the night. I don't even get him out of his crib. I just put a paci in his mouth (which he doesn't even use the rest of the night) and he goes right back to sleep. It makes me wonder if it's his teeth. The only times Adalyn woke up during the night as an infant was when she was cutting teeth. I guess we will find out soon enough!

We have another week and a half before Cayden's 6 month appointment so I don't have any stats yet, but I do have some adorable pictures! (I threw in some old pictures too. It's crazy to see how much he has grown!)

As soon as Adalyn saw me carry the camera up to Cayden's room, she got Cayden's pillow out and put it in the middle of the carpet and then laid down to get a picture with him. She knows the drill!

Amazing how much they have both grown in 6 months!

I love seeing how much Adalyn loves her brother. She loves hugging and kissing him and comforting him if he's crying. It will be awesome to see them grow up together. So sweet.
 This picture makes me laugh.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Pictures

My little munchkins were so cute this morning that I just had to take pictures. Yeah, I know I'm biased. I put Adalyn's hair in pigtails and she looked so cute (way too old tho!) and she was so excited to hold her brother for a picture. Of course both kids smiled so cute for me at the same time before my camera was turned on, but I still got some cute ones with the big camera and one with my phone.

After church we went to Smashing Tomato for lunch. We love their salad and pizza special. I'm pretty sure I could eat there weekly and never get tired of it. YUM! Adalyn loves their Caesar salad and pizza (even if it's smashed {spicy}) and has loved eating there since she was itty bitty. Anyway, she gobbled up all the Caesar salad I gave her and asked for more so I had to take pictures of it.
 Yes, she's using a way too small bib but you use what you've got in the diaper bag when your kid is about to get pizza sauce on her pretty dress:)

When we got home, Cayden was past eating time but he was still so happy. I looked at him sitting in his car seat and he was so smiley so I had to take a picture. He just looked so cute in his argyle sweater, corduroy pants (with a plaid belt!) precious hat, argyle socks (circo brand at Target and they actually stay on!!) and his new shoes. I haven't put shoes on him until yesterday. I have some teeny tiny shoes that came with the lot of clothes I bought. I never put shoes on A until she was actually moving around so I never really thought about putting them on Cayden. I tried them yesterday and the tiny ones actually fit his feet and stayed on. They were so cute and they made him look even more like a little man so I had to put them on him again today! I can't get enough of my preppy little man!

Today we got the (pink) exersaucer out of storage. I was careful to buy neutral toys for Adalyn when she was young but there were a couple things like the Bumbo and the exersaucer that I bought second hand so I didn't have the option of color choices. Poor boy now has some pink toys but it'll be ok. He'll be secure in his manhood:)  He just looks so old in his new toy! I can't believe it's already time for him to be in it. And we could have gotten it out weeks ago but I was holding off because I didn't want it taking up the space in my living room when the Christmas tree was up:)
 Of course Adalyn needed to show brother the ropes on his new toy. 
And just for giggles. Here's Adalyn's first turn in the exersaucer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Since I've been so bad at posting any real blogs, I figure I can at least upload some pictures of my cute kids. Most of the pictures are phone pictures since I never have time to grab the big camera. Here are a bunch of pictures that were on my phone and camera: 

Adalyn and mommy goofing around. She had so much fun making faces.

 After A went to bed, Cayden got some mommy snuggles. I love this baby boy.

Last Monday night Adalyn was sitting on the counter making dinner with me as she does most nights. I took the skillet off of the flat top burner and turned my head for one second and she put her hand on the burner. It was horrible. I've never seen her in such pain. Her cry was horrible and I felt horrible. I called the Dr after hours and she didn't feel that we needed to go to the ER. We finally got A calmed down and she ate a little dinner. We had mini cupcakes in the house so we gave her one after dinner to help her feel better. I think it helped. What do you think?
She decided eating her cupcake with no hands was better than eating it with one hand. (She did the same thing for her birthday cupcake.) Funny girl.
 She has big blisters the length of each finger still. Poor thing. She's so not a complainer tho. We went to the Dr the next day and she gave us a rx for burn cream and A lets us put it on her and has been good about keeping a sock over her hand to protect it.

Sweet babies. I love these two and how much they love each other.

 On Sunday Adalyn went and found her sunglasses in the junk drawer and put them on her head to wear them around. I guess she's seen mommy do that. Jonathan and I couldn't believe how old she looked. Even her little pose in this picture... She's growing up!
 I always give Adalyn a "pony" on the top of her head. But I had never tried to give her a real pony tail with all of her hair. I put this in on Sunday and she loved it and showed me her pony and then would point to mine. This didn't help with how old she was looking that day!! 

 We've had a bit of TV drama. VERY long story short, our old TV was an extremely good TV that we got an amazing deal on 3 years ago. For a few months it's been acting weird to the point that we have to unplug and replug it to get it to work. We had purchased the extended protection plan at Best Buy (usually a waste of money but we got our monies worth out of it!) and had it serviced 4 times without any good results so Best Buy put us in for a replacement. We took both kids to run into the store to pick out our new TV. It turned into multiple hours in the store. They delivered the TV the next weekend and from the moment it was on the wall we both absolutely hated it. I know it's petty because it was a 52 inch flat screen TV. We shouldn't complain about teeny tiny things like how crisp the picture, color and sound were, but we felt like we had given up our amazing old tv that we still loved for a piece of crap. We went back and did an exchange and waited till the next weekend for our new TV to be delivered yet again. We went back to our original brand (Samsung) and from the moment we plugged it in we loved it. We were back to the original quality of our old TV. (Guess that wasn't really a "long story short"...more like a "long story".) Adalyn was quite enthralled with the different TV's going on and off the wall and the Best Buy guys delivering the new TVs. She even tried to help her daddy hang the new TV so I had to get pictures. 
 She was serious about it.

My sweet smiley boy. He is an absolute joy. I love him so much! He has found his voice and his tongue. He's constantly talking and squawking and blowing raspberries now. I think he's trying to compete with his sister because he is LOUD! :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

5 Months

On December 26th Cayden turned 5 months. I can't believe he's growing so fast! As I said in the Christmas post, he tried cereal on Christmas. We've tried it one other time and he's still not a huge fan. He's very interactive now. He loves to watch his sister and he giggles at her. He plays with his crunchy books and grabs at his jungle gym. Everything he grabs goes into his mouth. If you look at him, he smiles. Honestly, unless he has a wet diaper or is hungry, he's happy. It's so much fun to have such a smiley, content baby.  

 He's still in 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diaper. I love dressing him like a preppy little man. I won't lie. I wasn't thrilled to dress a boy because it's not all ribbons and bows, but I have found argyle socks, cute sweaters and precious hats as fun accessories. And it's so much fun to dress him.

I just can't get enough of that smile. He melts my heart! I can't believe that last Christmas we announced to our families that we were pregnant and last New Years Eve we announced it to our friends. Now here we are and he's almost half a year old!! Wow. What an amazing blessing!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weekend Pictures

I had a wonderful 4 day weekend with my little family. It was so nice! We started potty training Adalyn and she is doing so well! She stayed dry all day today! I'm so proud of her. It was nice to have time to get our house together and just spend some down time together. Our weekends are always so packed full of chores and errands that a day spent at home in pjs is unheard of!  Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Before church on Sunday. Adalyn's dress had pearls stitched on so she was all about my "pearl" necklace that matched hers. (My necklace is Chewbeads for Cayden. One of my Christmas gifts from my parents!) Also, do you see Adalyn's bracelet? She found it in a drawer that morning and thought she was big stuff wearing it. Can you say girly?? I had her leave it in the car at church and it was a bit of a heartbreak but she quickly got over it and then even offered to take them off on our other stops that afternoon. So sweet. Cayden's outfit was thanks to Aunt Billie and Uncle Derek for Christmas and we got so many complements on it. Especially the precious hat. Love little man clothes!
 Happy boy playing with his daddy.

 On Monday my Super boys decided to dress alike. I can't help but love matching daddy/son outfits. Precious!!!