Thursday, April 29, 2010

12 weeks and 2 days

I feel like this week has been soo crazy!  I haven't posted for a long time so I figured I needed to tonight!  Tuesday was my 12 week mark and can you believe that I didn't remember to do a belly picture??  I was actaully at work for a volunteer appreciation night until 9 and when I got home I went straight to bed.  Last night I was at a work meeting until late and again, went right to bed.  So that brings us to tonight!  I got home early and had some time to relax on the couch. (I really needed some relaxation.  This exhaustion is driving me crazy!)

When Jonathan got home from work we took some belly pictures.  I also realized that I never posted 11 week belly pics last week!  So you get to see both today! :)

11 Weeks

12 Week 2 Days

After we took belly pictures and ate some (homemade thankfully) dinner (i'm so over fast-food) Jonathan, Dakota and I went for our first walk in our new neighborhood!  It was so much fun.  We stopped and talked with two different families that we knew and couldn't help but enjoy the view of the manicured yards (as opposed to our old neighborhood).  Coda was having a ball sniffing out his new hood!  He's now pooped out on the back of the couch:)  Our street connects with a lot of other streets and I couldn't help but get excited about running in my new neighborhood.  I'm really hoping to start jogging again next week, since I haven't has much nausea lately I'm hoping it won't make me sick.  I really do miss running and hope I can pick it back up!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hard at work before and after!

I took Friday off of work and my parents came in town and we have worked what feels like every second since Thursday night!  Because of my sheer exhaustion, I don't have many words.  But I do realize that I haven't posted in a while.  And I have a bunch of pictures.  So this will be a before and after picture post.  Although the after pictures are not true "after" pictures since you can still see our crap decorations and cleaning stuff everywhere!  Ok, on with the show!
Our Family room before (can you see the different green samples on the wall?)
Kitchen before (I wish I had a better picture that you could see just how small the fridge was!)
My two favorite men working oh so hard!  Get that yellow out of here!! (The entire house was different shades of yellow and it did nothing but make those awful countertops stand out!)
Working on the accent wall.
Our living room "after".  Will post more pictures after decorating and getting that hideous GOLD fan outta there!
Kitchen after!  Even got the decorations up!  And notice our new fridge that was delivered today!  We had 26 cubic feet at the old house and this house only had 18 so needless to say, I couldn't fit anything in the fridge.  So we went out and got an amazing deal for the same fridge we had in our old house!  It was on sale, we had a coupon, got the government rebate and a manufacturer's rebate!!! Perfect timing! (And the old fridge fits in the garage perfectly!)
We have our priorities straight!  The only two things we have hung in the main level!

Our downstairs half bath before.  Yes, we need a mirror.  A trip to Ikea will be soon!
Half bath after.  It's hard to get the actual color in the picture.  It's a mocha color.  Not too dark tho!
Dining room before/during.  It was a sage-y color that did not match my greens.
Dining room afterwards.  It's a shade lighter than the bathroom.  Can you see the bit of bathroom wall in this picture?
I don't have a before picture of this room because my dad was so quick to start painting on Friday, but you can try to picture it with a mustardy-gold color.  This is our guest bedroom.  It's the only room that I knew exactly what decorations would be going in it.  So it is the only room that is now done!
Not pictured is the upstairs hallway and stairway, which was a big task with an extension ladder.  Didn't the guys get so much painted???  My mom and I got a bunch of stuff organized too.  So I'm exhausted.  Time to relax for a minute until Jonathan is ready to arrange some furniture!  And don't worry, even though the main level is painted, we still have two bathrooms, two bedrooms, an office and a basement to get to at some point!  I'm a bit overwhelmed, but it's also fun to have projects (maybe not this many projects though!)  Next on my list?  Getting decorations up in the living room and dining room!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Goodbye, Hello



Now the real work begins...

But we've been hard at work... The kitchen is finished!  And the garage now holds both cars and is nicely organized!  We still have tons of boxes to tackle though!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week 10

Today is Week 10!!!  And you want to hear the really exciting news?  I'm cautiously optimistic that I'm feeling better!  For the past three days I've felt better.  (aka I haven't needed saltines!) Maybe a couple weird queasy spells but nothing quite as bad as it was 24-7 for the past couple weeks!  I don't want to say that the nausea is gone and jinx myself, but I'm hoping it is!

I still have 3 weeks until my next doctor's appointment so I don't have much new to post.  But I have decided to post my week 9 and week 10 belly pictures.  I can see a difference.  See if you do too.  Pretty much none of my regular clothes fit and all of my fat clothes are packed in bins in the garage ready for the move!
Week 9
Week 10
Which reminds me... "The Move"... Movers are coming Friday (in 3 days!!) at 9am to start our move!  Billie and Derek helped us pack our pantry and kitchen this past weekend and it was much needed help.  I was so overwhelmed, so I was so happy that we had the extra help!  We ran out of boxes though, so we only have half of the kitchen packed.  I tried to make dinner tonight and I reached for the measuring cups and the drawer was empty.  Then I reached for the salt and all 3 shakers were packed.  Then I needed a wooden spoon...and guess what?  it was packed!  yep.  But somehow dinner turned out:)

Tomorrow we are packing the rest of the kitchen, our closet and all of the rest of the random stuff lying around.  Hopefully by Thursday we will have possession of the new house so we'll spend Thursday night cleaning (me) and bringing loads of boxes that we don't want the movers to take (Jonathan). 

As you can tell, we have a really busy week so it might be a while until I'm able to post again!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Ultrasound #4

Yesterday afternoon we went in for my fourth ultrasound.  I was a bit nervous as you can imagine after the rollercoaster of ultrasounds we have had in the past.  But there was no need for that!  Baby is perfectly growing!  He/she has more of a shape of a baby with a head and a body and little arm buds.  He/she was moving all around too.  It was so cute.  And there was a heartbeat of 175 which they said is perfect!  Yay!!

Jonathan said that now it feels a bit more real and I think he's right.  After our last appointment we were so shocked and excited, but worried that there could still be something wrong.  But, this appointment put our minds to ease.  God is in control and he is forming our little baby!  We won't go back for another check-up for 4 weeks (which feels like forever!) and at that point we will be on a more regular check-up schedule (instead of 4 ultrasounds in about a month).  We won't get to see our baby again until the 18-20 week ultrasound!  Then we can find out if it's a boy or a girl!!!

I am 9 weeks and 3 days and baby is about the size of a prune.  I've gained one (ONE) pound!  Whoohoo for that.  I was holding my breath when I got on the scale yesterday because as of right now most all of my clothes don't fit so I'm thrilled that I haven't packed on the weight along with growing wide:)

Thanks for all of your prayers!!  We appreciate you being a part of this journey with us!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dinner Last Night

With my weird food aversions and nausea many things don't sound good to me to eat.  My poor hubby.  I couldn't tell you the last time I fixed a real meal because every time I think about a meal to cook, whatever it is sounds nasty.  I have fleeting feelings here and there where something sounds good, but if I wait about 5 minutes, it sounds gross.  I'm getting pretty annoyed with it all!

Anyway, last night Jonathan decided to fix hot dogs and brats.  (I know I shouldn't eat this, but seriously it sounded okay at the time so I didn't care!)  While he was grilling he asked if I'd get some food together that we could eat with the meat.  So, I stood in front of the fridge and pulled out everything that didn't turn my stomach.  Then I went and stood in my pantry (yes, it's big enough to actually stand in and I will deeply miss it when we move!) and again looked for anything that might sound good.

This is what I came up with.  I put it all on my plate and then had to laugh at the randomness of it all.  Then since I'm a serious blogger and my blog readers are always on my mind, I decided to take a picture to share with you so that you can all understand my weirdness lately.

A fat free hotdog and a fat filled brat (they equal each other out!!) with no buns (the buns sounded nasty), a left over boiled egg from Easter (I thought I'd have one for breakfast today because it was so yummy, but this morning it sounded gross.), a Claussen pickle (I love these whether I'm pregnant or not!), Fat Free refried beans with cheese (Ever since our trip to San Antonio and I had the most delicious Mexican food and then got sick, I cannot even bare think about Mexican food, but as I was standing in the pantry, this called my name.  It was good, but I still cannot think of eating Mexican food.), and homemade applesauce that I'm thankful we made in the fall and froze.

I can't figure out why I was sick after dinner...Can you?  Looking at that picture today makes me gag.  Lovely isn't it? :)

I understand if you think I'm too weird and you never come read my blog again. I hope this food thing gets better by 2nd trimester!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Tale of a Chi

If you remember my story a few weeks ago about my Chi (flat iron for those who don't know) breaking and my wonderful husband fixing it, and how thoroughly attached to it I am, then you will understand how devastating the past couple weeks have been.

After Jonathan fixed my Chi with superglue, it was working magnificently and all was well with the world!  Then we took a trip to Texas and lets just say that my Chi did not survive the airplane flight.  It was a sad day.  Along with my first bout of "morning" sickness I had bad hair while being out of town!  And let's just be honest, I've had a constant bad hair day for many weeks now.  (It's so painful that I can't remember having a good hair day!) 
When we got home from our trip I found my old imitation straightener under the guest bathroom sink.  For some reason I kept it.  Maybe I was trying to give my guests a bit of good hostessing by having a stocked bathroom... or maybe I wanted them to have bad hair.  Either way, I had kept the horrible thing.  Hair straighteners that are not Chi brand should not even be called hair straighteners because let's be honest.  They don't actually straighten your hair.  They just give you a frizzy, wavy look.  Just awful.

Anyway, Jonathan and I have been really careful with our money, especially recently because if you don't remember HELLO we bought a new house and we have a baby coming.  Both of which take a lot of money.  So because of this turn of events I knew that we could not spend money on my need for straight hair.  So I shut my mouth, sucked it up and have had frizzy, wavy hair for what feels like an eternity.

That is until my parents came to visit for Easter and my mom brought me her Chi (yes, my mom even knows what a Chi is which means you should too!) that she didn't get much use out of since she's more of a curling iron sort of girl.  Aren't mom's wonderful?  Always so giving!  I felt bad taking her Chi since they are worth their weight in gold, but she insisted that she doesn't get much use out of it!  So I now have a *pink* Chi and thankfully some straight hair! aaahhh!  Feels so much better!  It seriously changes the texture of hair! Just sayin...  I just know it's going to change my outlook on life and maybe even take away my morning sickness!  Hey, they are miraculous things!
Yes, I realize that I just wrote an entire post on my hair.  You just never know what you're going to get when you come to my blog.  I like to keep you all on your toes!  But the moral of the story is that everyone should have a Chi!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!  I love Easter.  And not just because of the yummy candy and the plastic eggs.  I enjoy remembering the great sacrifice that Jesus made for us and celebrating it.

My parents came to visit us this weekend and we got a lot accomplished!  Our house doesn't feel like our "home" anymore!  It's really weird.  All of my decorations and wall hangings are packed away and the house is torn apart.  But I'm glad they were here to help us with it all because let's be honest.  I was overwhelmed!  So we were busy all day yesterday with errands and packing boxes.  We always use our garage to park both of our cars in and now neither of us can fit our cars in the garage with all of the boxes!  It seems like our crap stuff multiplied!

My wonderful husband bought me these beautiful tulips.  The first Easter that we were dating I was visiting my parents for Easter and he had a huge bouquet of tulips sent to me.  He's so romantic!!
Here is a pic from after church.  Thanks to Billie for my outfit.  Unfortunately I had nothing to wear for Easter and I refused to wear jeans so she loaned me one of her outfits:) 

Friday, April 2, 2010


Today was the day folks!  We just closed on our new house!  We are sooo excited about our new house, the location, the yard, the extra square feet (and room for a nursery!) and extra storage!  We feel so blessed!  Here's the sad part... We can't take possession for another two weeks.  Bummer.  Hopefully those two weeks will fly by with all of my procrastination in packing.  Since my parents are in town for Easter and Jonathan's mom was in town to do our closing (that's what she does for a living) we got to do the final walk through together so that our parents could see the new house!  It's much better in real life than in pictures!

I've hired a moving company for two weeks from today and I'm pretty thrilled that my hubby won't be responsible for driving a giant U-Haul.  After our move into our current house I decided we would never do that again.  I was so stressed.  Jonathan was in complete control but I couldn't handle the pressure of watching him try to maneuver a giant clunker that only went 40mph tops on the highway!  Seriously I think we got a pretty stinkin good deal on the moving company.  A truck and 3 men (including the owner) for $100 an hour!  And they were recommended by multiple people at work that they are really careful and efficient.  So all of our friends can let out a collective breath that we will not be roping them into lugging furniture or our washer and dryer up/down stairs!  

Just one more step in this crazy life of ours!  Can you tell I can't wait?  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I will only have a 2 mile commute!!! Let's say it together... TWO MILES!  Whoohoo!!