Sunday, November 24, 2013

Adalyn - 3 Years

Adalyn had her 3 year well check on November 13th. I was able to schedule both kids' well checks for the same appointment so we could get them both done together. Adalyn did great and thankfully didn't have to get any shots. This year she was old enough for the Flu mist so that was good!

She weighs 29 lbs (25-50%) and her height is 37 1/2" (50-75%). (Honestly not much bigger than her brother who weighs 24 lbs 12 oz!). Her BMI is 14.5 (10-25%).

She is healthy and has a full vocabulary. She is the sweetest little girl and is the best big sister. The way she loves on Cayden is absolutely heart-warming. She is tender and loving. But... since we turned the corner to 3, she now has quite the fiery attitude now. It comes and it goes and when it's here, she about makes me want to pull my  hair out. But then she turns around and tells me how much she loves me and I melt. I guess it's the curse of the 3's:) Honestly, the 2's were not terrible at's the 3's that are testing us!)

Here are some pictures from Adalyn's 3 year photo shoot!

 She had so much fun running for this shot! This is one of my favorites.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cayden's First Haircut

Cayden had his first hair cut two weeks ago. This is the first big milestone that he has reached before Adalyn since she has yet to get her hair cut! He barely had any hair but the hair that he did have was getting long and hanging over his collar in the back. Jonathan wasn't ok with that so he said Cayden needed a hair cut.

I called my friend, Laura who cuts my hair and she fit us in. She has twin 2 year olds so I knew she was used to cutting the hair of squirmy kids:)

Cayden and daddy in the waiting area. Cayden has sleepy face since I had to wake him up to go to his appointment.

 Not much hair but it was a big shaggy.
 Messy hat head.
 Once I gave him his paci, he was less fussy and squirmy.

 Along with cutting the back of his hair she cut the shaggy parts in the front too. It's subtle but looks so much better.
 Can someone please note the multiple cowlicks on the back of that head that I have to deal with when trying to comb his hair down? We can thank his daddy for those:)
He looks like a big boy but not too big because I am well aware that he still barely has hair compared to other kids his age. But his hair cut is just so cute. And how sweet was it that my friend gives 1st hair cuts for free? Yes, I kept some hair but totally forgot anything to bring it home so she made a little foil envelope for me. Mom of the year award:)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Adalyn's 3rd Birthday

Last Saturday Adalyn turned 3! Every year I know I say the same thing, but I have no clue where time has gone. She's become such a big girl and I'm still a little in denial!  This was the first year that Adalyn requested a theme for her birthday and she requested Sofia the First (from Disney Jr.) I wasn't exactly sure how it would all come together since I've never done a theme other than colors for the birthdays. I found an awesome etsy store where I was able to purchase invitations and also a party pack of printable items in our theme and it worked well! Both downloads were immediate and great quality.

We started Adalyn's day with surprising her with a room full of balloons which we then piled in her bed while we sang the Happy Birthday song. She loved it! (Sleepy face)
Cayden was into the balloon party!

Adalyn wanted to have all of her daycare friends over but I'm not prepared for friend parties yet so we sent some Tinkerbell plates and cupcakes and hats to daycare so she could celebrate with her friends there. We had family, close friends and the kids' sitter for the party.

Here are the decorations:

The cake came from a bakery in Toledo for $16!! Can you believe it? I found a picture of a cake like this on pinterest and my mom showed it to them and they matched it! Then I added the little Sofia on top of the cake. I think it turned out so cute. We also had cute matching cupcakes (in the background) with toppers on them.

 We just had pizza and a couple sides. 

 Each year I find a frame that matches the party theme and put that year's picture in it. I couldn't believe the difference between Adalyn's 2 year and 3 year pictures. It made me a little sad!

 I love the welcome sign. I also love the princess who was spying on me as I was taking pictures!
 I love how Adalyn's outfit turned out. It's completely over the top but perfect for a princess party. Her pettiskirt, leggings and bow came from The Hairbow Company. The shirt came from A Stitch of Blue. I told the girl at A Stitch of Blue what A's party theme was but I told her that I'm not a fan of character shirts so I didn't want Sofia's face on her shirt. I told her to just put a crown on a "3". She went above and beyond. She found Sofia's crown and digitized it and turned it into an embroidery. I couldn't believe she was able to do a specific crown! I was blown away! Adalyn also had a tiny little crown that was from Target's party section.
 We borrowed a kid sized table and chairs for a coloring corner.

 Here are some family pictures with the birthday girl!

 Three generations. Love this.

I must flash back two years to Adalyn's Birthday hat pictures:

Where has my baby gone??
Ok, back to this year...


We had such a fun day celebrating our sweet little 3 year old! We are so blessed to have wonderful friends and family to join us. I just can't believe another year has come and gone.  Happy birthday sweet girl!