Sunday, January 25, 2009


Jonathan and I are so thankful for the friends we have in our lives. Last night our friends Tim and Lindsy invited us over for dinner and games. It is so refreshing to spend an evening with friends, margaritas and board games! God has really blessed us. Jonathan was laid off of his job in November and we have had a lot of learning experiences through it. God has really taught us to trust in Him. He knows the big picture and has a plan for us. Through this, we have really been able to focus on God's grace and peace. We've also grown closer as a couple. After hours of tears, prayers, and applications, Jonathan got an interview for a job that is his dream job! God is good! He had 3 interviews and then was called back to give a 30 minute presentation to some managers in the company! His presentation was on Thursday and he was told that they would make a decision Friday. He got an email on Friday that they would not be making their decision until Monday. So here we are...waiting through the weekend. It was so sweet for Tim and Lindsy to invite us over last night so that we would get our minds off of the decision.

BTW Lindsy works at a vet clinic and one of the puppies that they rescued was at their house last night. I have to post a picture of this little guy. I mean seriously! I wanted to put him in my purse and bring him home! His name is speck! He even had Jonathan wrapped around his tiny paw! Don't you think Dakota would like a little brother?? I volunteered to babysit him next weekend! :)

OK back to reality:)

We have been so blessed with so many people praying for us and for Jonathan's interview. I wish I could thank each and every person who has kept our family in their prayers! It just brings a feeling of awe to think that there are so many prayers on our behalf! My girlfriends and I have recently joined a womens Bible study at church, which happens to be the same time as a mens Bible study that Jonathan and all of the husbands are going to. I am so thankful to have girlfriends that I can learn and grow in the Word with.

It's nice to have a girlfriend like Billie who keeps me accountable in exercising too! She shows up at the house 3 nights a week so I don't have a choice of whether I feel like getting my butt kicked by the Biggest Loser workout (which is really depressing)! I just have to do it because she drove all the way here! Goodness knows that since it has been cold that I need someone to force me to either bundle up for a cold run or to do a video! I love her...until we try a new video and I'm sore for 3 days! ha!

It's good to have some outlets to get beyond our troubles to see the bigger picture of life...or at least the biggest picture that God will allow us to see!

Alright, time for some sewing with Billie! We've got a business to keep up with!

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Lindsy said...

Oh girl - we had so much fun hanging out with you guys this weekend. We definitely need to do it more often. We are thankful for you both! Love the pictures of Speck - precious! I am anxiously awaiting word about the job.......