Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Out of words...

Another day, still no calls. Not even a call back from the (yucky) company that Jonathan accepted the position with yesterday. Maybe this is God telling us that he's not supposed to work for that company. We don't know. But, if we're supposed to keep waiting and trusting Him, how are our bills going to get paid? I don't have the answers and minute to minute I keep reminding myself that God knows the Big Picture! Reading the comments from my post yesterday brought tears to my eyes. I really appreciate the kind words and the prayers! Its amazing to know that we are in so many peoples hearts, minds, and prayers. We appreciate each one of you. I am trying to work on having joy during these times. Not happiness because that would just be fake, but real joy. Tell you what...leaving work early today for an ice storm helped with the joy! ha:)

I said that I would post a picture of the new little girls' purse that Billie and I finished on Sunday.

I just love the new spring fabrics! I think young girls and even older girls will love it too! I enjoy having a hobby that I can do with Billie in my spare time. Its great to get my mind off of life. Who knows...maybe one day Billie and I can support our families with our purses! Aahhh...the dreams!