Friday, October 22, 2010

Nursery 3D Model

Back when we were dreaming up what the nursery was going to look like, I was a bit overwhelmed.  I had some ideas in my head but I just couldn't get a full picture of what it was going to look like.  We chose some furniture but wanted to make sure that it would all fit in the room nicely.  So Derek, Billie's husband, offered to make a 3D model of the room and I took him up on it!  He is quite gifted and was able to help us with a good height for the chair rail, colors for the room, and decoration above the crib (although I think that may have been Billie's doing).  He was even able to move furniture around to see where everything would fit best without the heavy lifting that you would normally have to do when moving furniture!  It was great!  We ended up buying the furniture that he showed in the model because it seemed to fit well (and we really loved it).

Now that you've seen what the "after" pictures of the nursery look like, please look at these awesome "before" computer graphics!

Can you believe how he was able to replicate the furniture, rocker, and bedding?  And how cool is the light shining through the window?  It was so helpful to have a visual of the room!  It's awesome to have such wonderful friends who are willing to pitch in and help!  Thanks Derek we appreciate your hard work!


Sue said...

That is SO cool! I just had to backtrack to your big reveal post and wow... amazing how detailed this 3D thing is, right down to the Adalyn board above the crib! Very cool.

Only a little while left to go!!! Have a restful weekend... you're gonna need it - hee hee xo

Jes Meeker said...

Way to go Derek! That's pretty much what it looks like! :)