Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy New Year-ish

So what that this post is one month late. It's late for a good reason.  I never posted about our New Year's Eve so today is the day! For years Jonathan and I have had NYE get togethers at our house with friends. Looking back over the years was quite amusing when we remember our parties going well into the night. Or should I say morning. This past NYE, we had Derek, Billie, Tim, Lindsy, Justin and Jes (and all the kids) over. The funny part was that only Tim and Lindsy stayed long enough for the ball to drop. Ahh. Times they have a-changed.

I do have to say that the kids/babies were really great and all went down to sleep in different rooms of the house and let us all have a nice adult evening. And we even watched a movie. (Because we have wild par-tays if you haven't figured that out yet.)

The reason I never posted about NYE is because we didn't take many pictures, but the pictures we did take showed a secret that is now "out". So here are a couple pictures:

Our girls announced some news in their Big Sister shirts!
 Jes (mommy to be), me, Billie (newborn Emalyn was sleeping), and Lindsy - The 4 mommies all with new babies / babies on the way!

Yes! Lindsy is pregnant and due the same week that I am! And we decided to surprise our friends on NYE! It was so much fun to surprise everyone. And fun to do it with a friend. How many chances in life do you get to reveal such exciting news like that with a friend?

The way that Lindsy and I found out about each other was so crazy. I was bound and determined that I wasn't going to tell anyone until we went to the doctor but I was doing a service project with Lindsy the day after I got a positive pregnancy home test and randomly things came up about how long till the next baby. I guessed Lindsy was pregnant and when we got over the screaming and hugging I must have had a crazy look on my face because she said "you're pregnant too" and I couldn't lie to her. So cue another round of screams and hugging. It was so unbelievable! Then Lindsy let me in on another secret... our friend Janine is due the same week!! Crazy!!

Such an exciting way to start the new year by telling our friends our good news!  We had a fun time of fellowship and food too! Next NYE we will have 3 more babies for our party!! How fun!


Janine said...

It IS so freaking crazy and I seriously cannot get over it!!!! I mean, unless you want to end up like us 3, DO NOT drink the water! Funny thing is going to be seeing what gender each has and who has their birthday first! YIKES..we are going to be hovering close to our phones come that first week in August! :)

Jonathan (aka Baby Daddy) said...

I just thought of something...

Billie and Derek are going to have to start fixing a lot of food to deliver it to all of us preggos!

Just kidding Billie, kind of.

Sue said...

Love this post & SO happy for you, Lindsy & all your friends. My BFF and I had planned & hoped to have our kids together... but as you know God had another plan ;-) Enjoy this exciting and special time (which I know you do!!)

Big hugs xo

Lindsy said...

Haha Jonathan...I'm with you! ;-)
It is going to be so fun & I will also always remember that moment that we shared...such a blessed surprise.
Janine is right....we will be even more attached to our phones come first week in August (if that's possible).
So exciting!