Tuesday, February 21, 2012


~ It has now been 2 weeks since my shellac manicure. I can see how if I had a color on my nails, that it would start looking bad by now. My nails have started to chip around the cuticles but since I had white tips, you really can't see where they have chipped unless you're up close and personal. I do have one nail that chipped all the way to the top but overall I've been very impressed. I would definitely do it again (with thicker white tips since my nails are now longer than the white tips) but I just have to say...I cannot stand my nails right now. I always keep my nails trimmed really short and it is killing me to have long nails. Killing me!! I'm about to go chop them all off now! So, for those who don't mind long nails, I was definitely recommend a shellac manicure! Here is a current pic:

~ My child has issues with being dirty. I personally don't mind it since I'm not into getting dirty. But when we are eating she usually will not feed herself anything that is messy (mashed potatoes, items with sauce, etc.) so it's quite frustrating. Remember her birthday? She wouldn't even dig into the cake.  I can't spoon feed her till college so I try to find items that aren't messy but I'm not a short order cook so she just has got to get used to eating what the family is eating. (She is like this at the sitter's house too...not just ours.) You know how kids have ups and downs with eating? Well the last few days she just keeps eating and eating and she's never "all done". She just points to the kitchen and says "dis" like she wants more. Must be going through a growth spurt.  

Last night I made these low fat chicken burritos that have cheese and chili in them. (It used to be a staple item in our weekly rotation but I haven't made them in forever and they were so good.) So I put some chicken mixture (without a tortilla shell because we didn't have enough) on her plate. I also gave her refried beans and corn. My child inhaled that food. I mean, she dug in and we refilled her plate so many times with chicken I can't remember. And she loved the beans! (Sorry to the sitter for that diaper!) Jonathan and I didn't want to acknowledge what was happening so I think we just held our breath. But by the end I had to take some video and pictures of my child with food all over her. I'm not going to say she's completely over being dirty because through the entire meal she would show me her hands and want them wiped off, but I stayed strong so then she'd flail them all around splattering beans everywhere. (I think the dog ate well last night.) But we went with it and she was all good!

~Today marks 16 weeks for baby #2! I can't believe time is going so fast this time around. Tomorrow we have an appointment for a gender reveal ultrasound! I can't believe that tomorrow at this time I will know if we're having a boy or a girl! It's so exciting. Once we know the gender I know I will feel like I need to start on the nursery and names, etc!  Time is ticking away! 

~I have yet to take any belly pictures. I know! That is so bad! I'm planning to start today with a belly picture and we'll take them going forward. This past weekend I got together with Janine and Lindsy and our families for lunch on Sunday. The three of us are all 16 weeks (do within 2 days of each other!) so Janine brought her camera and we took belly pics right there in the restaurant. So much fun that we're all at the same stage!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Cohen doesn't mind getting dirty...ever! :)

Cute belly pic!!

Crystal said...

Ahhh...you find out tomorrow!!! Yay! I can't wait to hear!