Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas...a week late! We had a wonderful time celebrating the birth of Jesus. I had to go back to work the day after Christmas so I didn't have a chance to upload pictures or write a blog until tonight. Here are lots of pictures of our Christmas weekend.

We went to visit Santa the Saturday before Christmas. I just knew that there would be a long line since it was so close to Christmas so I had called and made a reservation. The only reservation open was during nap time so we showed up early just in case we could wait in line and were pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a line at all to see Santa! He was so sweet. Cayden had a handful of his beard. I felt so bad but he was sweet and so kind to Adalyn. I was so proud of her for sitting on his lap (even if she wouldn't smile). After the picture we held her and she actually responded to Santa's questions. She was SOO excited to see him. She points every Santa image she sees and says "Santa HoHoHo".
Christmas Sunday outfits. I love this dress!!
 She loves holding her brother.

 After we got home from our Christmas Eve party with Jonathan's family. Our kids were tired but we had a nice time.
 Going to put reindeer food out in the yard.

 Christmas Eve PJ picture. I love these two. Could their polka dots/stripes be any cuter? I think not!

 We read the real Christmas story and Twas the Night Before Christmas as a family.
 Leaving cookies for Santa! (When she visited Santa he asked her to bake him some cookies.) Billie made us a cute Santa plate last year for Christmas so I was so excited to use it this year!
 Santa came to our house!!

 Our yearly stairs picture before the kids come downstairs to see if Santa came. I'm looking especially lovely:)
 Adalyn loved her bear from Santa.
 Adalyn also got some Elmo slippers. She bent over and kissed each one. So cute!

 Nana and Papa gave Adalyn a pretty awesome doll stroller and she was/still is pumped about it. Since I had to work the day after Christmas, we weren't going to be able to go to my parents' house the day after Christmas like usual so my parents came to our house to spend Christmas day. It was nice to have them with us during Christmas morning activities.
 Happy boy. He is such a content baby.
 Love this picture of Adalyn coloring with her daddy. We took our time opening gifts. Every item Adalyn opened she took her time to open and play with it. We took breaks for Cayden to eat and for us to eat breakfast. We actually still had a couple gifts for Cayden left to open by the time Adalyn's nap time rolled around. I really like the laid back feel of it. Hopefully she'll still be so sweet about that in the future instead of tearing into all of her gifts and asking for more.
 Adalyn had to take a break to nurse her bear. Oh.My.Goodness. So cute. She was so serious about it.
 Cayden tried cereal for the first time Christmas afternoon. He tried out his new bib he got for Christmas. Adalyn was so excited about his bib (because it matches hers) that she had to go get hers from the kitchen to show him. 

 Not a fan.
 Look at that lip. She really wanted to have a turn feeding brother. (But she didn't want mommy's help so she wasn't allowed.)

 Christmas night my mom had a gingerbread house kit for Adalyn to do. We weren't sure how well she'd do with it, but I know she loves any type of craft so we thought we'd try it. She LOVED it. She placed every piece of candy and would show my mom where she wanted the icing. And since she's so careful, she stayed completely clean!
 She was proud of her house! It's still sitting out and just today she pointed to it and said "I made that."
We had a wonderful Christmas with our families. We even got to see my brother and kids for about 12 hours on their way through our town to my parent's house. Today Jonathan and I actually took all of our Christmas stuff down and put it away which is earlier than usual, but right now I'm quite relieved that it's done for the year:)


Crystal said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas! I love that little dress A has on! We took our decorations down already and it is a relief!

Lindsy said...

Loved getting caught up on all your holiday photos - the kids are so cute in all of them. So nice that your parents were able to be with y'all. I'm impressed with you starting cereal..I've still not gotten enough energy to do so =0. Oh well.