Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Weekend Pictures

I had a wonderful 4 day weekend with my little family. It was so nice! We started potty training Adalyn and she is doing so well! She stayed dry all day today! I'm so proud of her. It was nice to have time to get our house together and just spend some down time together. Our weekends are always so packed full of chores and errands that a day spent at home in pjs is unheard of!  Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Before church on Sunday. Adalyn's dress had pearls stitched on so she was all about my "pearl" necklace that matched hers. (My necklace is Chewbeads for Cayden. One of my Christmas gifts from my parents!) Also, do you see Adalyn's bracelet? She found it in a drawer that morning and thought she was big stuff wearing it. Can you say girly?? I had her leave it in the car at church and it was a bit of a heartbreak but she quickly got over it and then even offered to take them off on our other stops that afternoon. So sweet. Cayden's outfit was thanks to Aunt Billie and Uncle Derek for Christmas and we got so many complements on it. Especially the precious hat. Love little man clothes!
 Happy boy playing with his daddy.

 On Monday my Super boys decided to dress alike. I can't help but love matching daddy/son outfits. Precious!!!


Our Family of Four said...

These are so cute.. they are both getting so big! Good luck with potty training.. life will get easier, I promise! :) Happy New Year!

Crystal said...

Yay for potty training! Adalyn looks like such a big girl and I LOVE the little hat Cayden has on!

Janine said...

He is getting sooooo big!! Love it!

Lindsy said...

I love his cheeks - I want to squeeze and kiss them. C & J's matching outies: presh! I'm so proud of A lovin' the pearls - can't be truly southern without a love for pearls!