Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Since I've been so bad at posting any real blogs, I figure I can at least upload some pictures of my cute kids. Most of the pictures are phone pictures since I never have time to grab the big camera. Here are a bunch of pictures that were on my phone and camera: 

Adalyn and mommy goofing around. She had so much fun making faces.

 After A went to bed, Cayden got some mommy snuggles. I love this baby boy.

Last Monday night Adalyn was sitting on the counter making dinner with me as she does most nights. I took the skillet off of the flat top burner and turned my head for one second and she put her hand on the burner. It was horrible. I've never seen her in such pain. Her cry was horrible and I felt horrible. I called the Dr after hours and she didn't feel that we needed to go to the ER. We finally got A calmed down and she ate a little dinner. We had mini cupcakes in the house so we gave her one after dinner to help her feel better. I think it helped. What do you think?
She decided eating her cupcake with no hands was better than eating it with one hand. (She did the same thing for her birthday cupcake.) Funny girl.
 She has big blisters the length of each finger still. Poor thing. She's so not a complainer tho. We went to the Dr the next day and she gave us a rx for burn cream and A lets us put it on her and has been good about keeping a sock over her hand to protect it.

Sweet babies. I love these two and how much they love each other.

 On Sunday Adalyn went and found her sunglasses in the junk drawer and put them on her head to wear them around. I guess she's seen mommy do that. Jonathan and I couldn't believe how old she looked. Even her little pose in this picture... She's growing up!
 I always give Adalyn a "pony" on the top of her head. But I had never tried to give her a real pony tail with all of her hair. I put this in on Sunday and she loved it and showed me her pony and then would point to mine. This didn't help with how old she was looking that day!! 

 We've had a bit of TV drama. VERY long story short, our old TV was an extremely good TV that we got an amazing deal on 3 years ago. For a few months it's been acting weird to the point that we have to unplug and replug it to get it to work. We had purchased the extended protection plan at Best Buy (usually a waste of money but we got our monies worth out of it!) and had it serviced 4 times without any good results so Best Buy put us in for a replacement. We took both kids to run into the store to pick out our new TV. It turned into multiple hours in the store. They delivered the TV the next weekend and from the moment it was on the wall we both absolutely hated it. I know it's petty because it was a 52 inch flat screen TV. We shouldn't complain about teeny tiny things like how crisp the picture, color and sound were, but we felt like we had given up our amazing old tv that we still loved for a piece of crap. We went back and did an exchange and waited till the next weekend for our new TV to be delivered yet again. We went back to our original brand (Samsung) and from the moment we plugged it in we loved it. We were back to the original quality of our old TV. (Guess that wasn't really a "long story short"...more like a "long story".) Adalyn was quite enthralled with the different TV's going on and off the wall and the Best Buy guys delivering the new TVs. She even tried to help her daddy hang the new TV so I had to get pictures. 
 She was serious about it.

My sweet smiley boy. He is an absolute joy. I love him so much! He has found his voice and his tongue. He's constantly talking and squawking and blowing raspberries now. I think he's trying to compete with his sister because he is LOUD! :)


Crystal said...

That pony tail is too cute and she does look grown up! I want our babies back! Hope A's hand heals soon! Yay for a new TV!

Party of Five said...

Pictures are the best and that's really all that matters. I remember not having much time at all, but I do have a ton of pictures to look back on! :) I hope her burn is better.. that is so scary! K got burned on her bottom really, really bad when she was little all from going down a hot slide in her bathing suit. So just an FYI, always check slides in the summertime. I know after that everyone I know does, including K.

Jonathan said...

Ack! I can't believe my baby girl is getting so old!

The picture of her with her pony tail reminds me so much of Kennedy. Where did our baby girl go?

Janine said...

Ok. I totally get the tv scenario.. my hubs feels the same way about picture quality, etc. So much so that it takes us months to decide on one!
What is that double Sophie thing C is holding? Very interesting! He is flipping adorable and growing too fast.
A is precious in her glasses and pony! Poor baby with that hand!

Murdock's mama said...

Yay...I always love seeing your blog pop up on the reader! :)

Thanks for the update. Glad all is going well. Poor A with her hand! I can't imagine the pain {both of you!} where in! :(

Lindsy said...

I'm in lov with Adalyn's pony...precious! Her poor little hand - I imagine that was quite traumatic. Hope she is feeling much better! I love, love all the little faces - those will be so much fun to look at years from now. C is getting so big. I can't believe our babies are going to be 1/2 year old soon - how did that happen?