Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Pictures

My little munchkins were so cute this morning that I just had to take pictures. Yeah, I know I'm biased. I put Adalyn's hair in pigtails and she looked so cute (way too old tho!) and she was so excited to hold her brother for a picture. Of course both kids smiled so cute for me at the same time before my camera was turned on, but I still got some cute ones with the big camera and one with my phone.

After church we went to Smashing Tomato for lunch. We love their salad and pizza special. I'm pretty sure I could eat there weekly and never get tired of it. YUM! Adalyn loves their Caesar salad and pizza (even if it's smashed {spicy}) and has loved eating there since she was itty bitty. Anyway, she gobbled up all the Caesar salad I gave her and asked for more so I had to take pictures of it.
 Yes, she's using a way too small bib but you use what you've got in the diaper bag when your kid is about to get pizza sauce on her pretty dress:)

When we got home, Cayden was past eating time but he was still so happy. I looked at him sitting in his car seat and he was so smiley so I had to take a picture. He just looked so cute in his argyle sweater, corduroy pants (with a plaid belt!) precious hat, argyle socks (circo brand at Target and they actually stay on!!) and his new shoes. I haven't put shoes on him until yesterday. I have some teeny tiny shoes that came with the lot of clothes I bought. I never put shoes on A until she was actually moving around so I never really thought about putting them on Cayden. I tried them yesterday and the tiny ones actually fit his feet and stayed on. They were so cute and they made him look even more like a little man so I had to put them on him again today! I can't get enough of my preppy little man!

Today we got the (pink) exersaucer out of storage. I was careful to buy neutral toys for Adalyn when she was young but there were a couple things like the Bumbo and the exersaucer that I bought second hand so I didn't have the option of color choices. Poor boy now has some pink toys but it'll be ok. He'll be secure in his manhood:)  He just looks so old in his new toy! I can't believe it's already time for him to be in it. And we could have gotten it out weeks ago but I was holding off because I didn't want it taking up the space in my living room when the Christmas tree was up:)
 Of course Adalyn needed to show brother the ropes on his new toy. 
And just for giggles. Here's Adalyn's first turn in the exersaucer.


Aishlea said...

So cute! They both are just so adorable. I can't believe how big little man is getting! I love his preppy outfit!

Party of Five said...

They are too stinkin' cute! I can't tell you how much they remind me of K and J when they were little. Man, I miss that stage so much! J had those big ol' squeezable cheeks too! :)

Lindsy said...

I love his little outfit - super cute. The pictures of them together are so sweet - don't ya just love a sibling photo op - I sure do! Girl, Greyson's been rockin' pink sleep sacks and what not from day one..I figure he better get used to it early. Everytime the girls are dancing around in their tutus to ballet music and he just stares and watches them I think "poor kid". Ha!