Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Pictures

We took a few pictures before church last week and I just have to share some of them. I think the kids look so cute!


Today we went to Billie's house to have a little play date after church. We also decided we needed to take pictures since neither of our families were able to get great family pictures on Easter. We really need a family picture to send in for Cayden's baby dedication and it is nearly impossible to get a good family picture.  I'm not thrilled with any that we got, but oh well.  Here are some pictures from today. 

 Can you tell they were hungry and ready for lunch? 
 This picture makes me laugh. Taking a picture of 4 kids 3 and under is quite an undertaking. I don't think we got one smile in any of the pictures from any of the kids. Oh well. They're cute anyway.

 I think this picture looks like Cayden's telling Eli to back off his sister. "I'm watchin' you." I love that the two boys were matching.
I feel like these two look so old in this picture. Where has time gone?
Let's take a walk down Memory Lane. These are the kids last year in this same spot. Wow! Adalyn's hair has grown so much. Also...this makes me miss Team Taylor!


Janine said...

Cayden has gotten SO BIIIIIG! WOW!!!

Party of Five said...

They are so cute and man I just want to squeeze your son! Adorable!!