Thursday, April 4, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!! We had a fun Easter weekend with family celebrating  Jesus, continuing traditions and making memories.  My parents were able to come in town to spend the holiday with us and it was so nice. Jonathan and I were scheduled to volunteer during our Friday night church service so my parents were able to keep the kids home and to bed while we were watching a room full of crying 18-24 month old babies.

I took off Friday from work and my mom and I took the kids to go get pictures with the Easter bunny (both a real one and a fake one). Adalyn was SO excited to go see the bunny. While we were waiting she kept waiving to the bunny and saying "Hi Bunny". By the time we got on the Bunny's lap she could barely smile. Then we were on to the live bunny picture and along with Adalyn not wanting to smile, my always smiling baby boy got freaked out from the big flash and cried almost the entire time. Oh well. These things make memories right? I'm just glad I didn't go to the trouble of dressing them up in the Easter clothes. (These are scans of pictures so they are a big grainy.)

After Adalyn's nap on Saturday we decided to dye eggs. This was her first year at dying eggs and she was a big fan. (She's also been a big fan of helping us peal them when we're ready to eat them.) I love that the kits come with the little plastic cups. So handy! And our kit came with a white crayon. Adalyn loved coloring on her egg before putting it in the dye.

Adalyn's still young enough to not remember what basket goodies she's gotten in past years so mama has saved them each year and most of her (and Cayden's) fillers were from past years. They each got matching bunnies, and (old) bunny ears. Cayden got a book and sunglasses and big boy sippy cups. Adalyn got a barbie brush that sings a song when she brushes her hair with it, a Cinderella barbie that daddy found on the manager's special table at the grocery store, a play-doh set from the same discount table ($3.99!!) from a different week (he's been collecting items each week from the grocery store) and a princess book with a CD player.

Sunday morning we all got dressed in our Easter clothes and just barely had enough time for Adalyn to look at her basket and take just a couple family pictures. It was raining outside so we had to do indoor pictures and of course we didn't have the time to get all of our family members looking at the camera in the same picture. But that's life, right?

 I was attempting to coordinate our outfits but I found this precious pink dress (unworn) at a consignment sale for $5 and when I tried it on Adalyn she told me she was a Cinderella Princess so I decided that she just had to wear it.
 Cayden has been making the funniest faces with his little lips feeling his two bottom teeth. Most of the pictures of him are quite funny.

After a wonderful church service - "He is not here" - we went home to start lunch and enjoy basket festivities. I know some people aren't into making the Easter bunny and baskets a big deal, but I love traditions. I grew up with both Jesus and the Easter bunny on Easter and all I have are wonderful memories from my childhood and I always knew that the Easter bunny was not the real meaning of Easter. I don't believe all the fun festivities take away from the true meaning of Easter.

 Dakota's checking out Cayden's basket wondering where his is:)
 Bunny Ears! So cute!

Checking out her basket.
 Checking out his loot.
 Cool guy! He even left them on his face for our family run the next day!
 Opening his baskets from nana and papa. I think he likes his new hat.

Adalyn figured out that the eggs in her basket were full of goodies so she started chowing down. By the time lunch was ready her little body had been taken over by the sugar. Oh my goodness. She NEVER acts like that (maybe because she never has full access to sugar). Anyway, partway into our lunch Adalyn had to be taken up to her bed to take a nap and sleep off the sugar. After her nap she was much better. Papa hid a bunch of eggs around the living room and dining room and Adalyn had so much fun hunting for them. We truly had a wonderful holiday.


Crystal said...

Sounds like a fun day :)

Lindsy said...

Looks like y'all had an awesome Easter. Wonderful that your parents were able to be there. No race recap for you? Guess Jonathan covered it! =) I haven't started the Easter bunny picture thing but oh my word we loved dying some eggs this year -
Love all the Easter Sunday pics -y'all looked great!

Janine said...

AH! The Easter bunny ears pictures are adorable! And both babes are getting so so so big. It really isn't right. So nice that you could spend Easter with your parents! ANd I am with you, we grew up with both the superficial parts of the holiday and the church parts of the holiday, with the real meaning of Easter front and center. We celebrate Easter about like we celebrate Christmas! P.s. too bad we aren't closer to get our twins pictures with each other in their matching outfits! How funny that they wore the same thing!