Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mother's Day

My family made me feel so special on Mother's Day! Of course the kids woke up early (no sleeping in for this mama) and bombarded me with presents. They gave me a fun chevron purse and a couple necklaces and lip glosses. Fun girly stuff!

We went to Chuy's for lunch which was a treat. (We never actually go to sit down restaurants. We always do the order-at-the-counter places.) The kids were really good while we were there too! It was a Mother's Day miracle!

I was able to relax in the afternoon and Jonathan even treated me to folding the kids' laundry! :) Adalyn is pretty into holidays and even told me Happy Mother's Day today! Then asked if it was still Mother's Day. I told her every day is Mother's Day:)

I had to get a couple pictures with my sweet babies who made me a mama. (In my new Mother's Day necklace. J did good!)

 You have to excuse my son in any morning pictures. He is pretty serious about eating in the morning and there usually isn't a time in the morning before church that he isn't eating. Ha! 
I was thinking back to the years before kids when I wondered if I would ever get to celebrate Mother's Day. Wow. Life has changed so much and I'm one blessed mama!

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Party of Five said...

So sweet! Just think, one day we will miss those early wake up calls. LOL.