Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Great Cake Race 5K

A week ago Sunday Jonathan and I ran in a 5K. It was called The Great Cake Race and it was to benefit Sweet Blessings. We had never run in this race before, but the founder of Sweet Blessings spoke at my MUMs meeting this spring and I was so impressed by the non-profit that I wanted to run to support her. It's a non-profit that is run completely by volunteers to make amazing tiered/sculpted birthday cakes for sick kids or kids living in poverty who wouldn't normally get a birthday cake. She goes to our church and I was so impressed by her. Her non-profit creats hundreds of cakes per year and in the past was even highlighted on the Nightly News in a Making a Difference spot. (Check out the website to see some of the awesome cakes they have made.)

This was Derby weekend so this race was on a Sunday afternoon (instead of a Saturday morning) at Keeneland. (Our race course is packed out for Derby even though the race isn't there live.) The extra fun part of this race is that they give out Blue Bell ice cream and cupcakes after the race. Way better than a roll and banana like most races!

I can't remember ever having run in a Sunday afternoon race so that was a little different. It was a sunny and beautiful day but it was the hottest day that we had had so far this spring and we were not accustomed to running in afternoon heat. Between the heat and the hills at Keeneland it was a bit of a killer race. Jonathan was pushing the kids in this race and looked at me before the race and said that this would definitely not be a PR race for either of us. Conditions just weren't great. But I'll take sun over rain any day!

It was an out and back race which sometimes is a bit boring, but I've come to enjoy them now that I'm running races with Jonathan. I have fun running the first half watching for Jonathan to come running back towards me. When I see people coming my way, I start counting on my fingers to remember how many people are in front of J. This time, I was able to yell "8" to him as he passed me. (After I waived at the kids of course.)

I believe I started a bit too fast because I was feeling good. When I looked at my gps watch I was flying. And let's just say that on the second half of the course, it kicked me in the rear. I really paid for not pacing myself. The last quarter of the race was a struggle for me and my pace was crazy slow. I was just telling myself to keep my legs going because I was so hot and thirsty and thought I was going to hyperventilate. (Yes I run with water but I felt like I was taking a drink about every 10 steps.)

Anyway, I finally finished and when I did I was trying to weave through the 1 mile fun walkers which was a bit of a pain trying to weave at the finish line! (To anyone directing a race: please don't start a mile walk after the 5k because all of the 5k-ers have to eventually weave around walkers and the walkers don't understand race manners to stay to the side and not walk 4 people across. Ok, stepping off soap box.)

Here are some pictures Jonathan was able to take as I was running towards the finish line:

 Yes, I was using my new Simple Hydration bottle (in the back of my skirt) and I really LOVE it! It's awesome because the bottle itself hooks on your skirt/shorts so you don't have to wear a utility belt to hold it. 
I tried to share our official finish line pictures but we both have 1 mile walkers in the way of our finish line pictures. Bummer.

My goal was to finish this race in under 30 minutes. I'm still nowhere near my pre-kids pace, but pre-winter I was under a 30 minute 5k and I'd like to get back to that and then improve. My very sad news is that I finished in 30:03.  FOUR seconds. It was a slap in the face. FOUR! AHH! Next race I'm doing it.

Of course Jonathan rocked it (even with the stroller). When he passed me on the course he was number 8 and between there and the end he was able to turn it on and pass two more runners. Yes, he finished 6th. With a stroller. People kept stopping him afterwards with how amazed they were. I was one proud wife. He is seriously a beast on the course! This was a small race (282 racers) compared to many races, but 6th with a stroller is still a rock star!

I knew quite a few people from my running group and my mums group at the race so I was able to ask someone to get a picture of us. You know what they say, "the family that runs together, stays together". Oh, that isn't a saying? Well, we'll make it one. Yes, the kids look less than enthused. They really do love races. I promise.
 Jonathan got 1st in his age group! Adalyn was pretty excited to walk up with him to get his medal when his name was called. 

I ended up 81st and 6th in my age group. I'm excited that this is just the beginning of racing season. I love doing this with our family! I love that my kids get to participate and enjoy the race atmosphere. Oh and they did enjoy the ice cream (Adalyn) and cupcake (Cayden). It was hot, but it was a fun day! Now we're on to another race this Saturday. We've got quite a few races on the calendar for spring:)


Aishlea said...

SO awesome! :) You look fabulous! I have got to get my rear in gear and get back to running. I've only done a few miles lately. How in the world do you manage with working and two kids to run? I am struggling with time!

Party of Five said...

That is great! Way to go!

Janine said...

That's an awesome time! And you look fantastic! :) Way to go Jonathan and Abby!!!