Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Memorial Day - More Pictures

I prematurely published my previous Memorial Day post. I looked in my phone today and realized that I had forgotten a bunch of cute pictures. So of course I have to post them:)

Adalyn and Cayden having fun with their new friends.

On Monday at the picnic, while the boys were playing baseball my cousin Julia took all of the younger girls for a walk in the park. She got a ton of precious pictures of the girls together.

 Seriously. I love that Adalyn just picked up and played with my cousins' girls even though she only sees them about twice a year. Can you tell how much she loved them?

My kids love horsey rides from my dad. Every child in our extended family has loved horsey rides from my dad:) He's quite known for them. Of course both kids wanted a horsey ride at the same time so of course he obliged.
 One last picture before we had to say goodbye.

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