Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

It has taken me a sweet forever to find the time and energy to write a post about the rest of Memorial Day weekend! Such is life these days... sigh. After we spent the day at the Zoo on Friday, we decided to just hang around my parents' house on Saturday and relax and let the kids play outside. They love having 100% of Nana and Papa's attention!

My parents love working in their yard and their yard and gardens are beautiful so playing outside is a treat. We could only wish we had a yard half that amazing. (Ours is a steep hill in the back.) They of course had to spoil the kids with toys. They gave Adalyn a fun Princess bubble blower and Cayden a bubble blowing lawn mower. He was serious about it. Serious.

 This was precious. He really thought he was cutting the grass with Papa.

 The funny thing is that he preferred dragging it behind himself instead of pushing it in front so that the bubbles would blow.
My parents have a sweet family who lives next door. They have 3 boys ages 2, 4 and 6. The 4 year old and Adalyn hit it off. The mom let us know that Adalyn and Cayden were welcome to their swing set and tire swing any time. They LOVED it. The tire swing was hung from a super high limb so it was a smooth ride! During the weekend we spent a ton of time at this swing with Adalyn's new friends. The sweet little 4 year old boy left a picture of Adalyn and him riding the tire swing in my parent's mailbox the day after we left. He kept asking when we were coming back to visit. So sweet.

 The part that hit me was that I have pictures of Adalyn in a baby swing on this same tree limb from a Memorial Day past. Oh my heart. How are my kids big enough to be riding a tire swing already?
We also enjoyed my parents' back yard and their hammock. Of course Jonathan and I were trying to get some alone time...
 And then we were bombarded with these little balls of energy.
 Adalyn loves the hammock, but Cayden wasn't as fond of laying down for no reason. Ha!
After church on Sunday we spent the entire day at my aunt's pool and I didn't take my camera with us. Just believe me that we enjoyed the sun and water. And we learned that Adalyn has turned into even more of a fish than last summer! She loved jumping off the side and swimming all over the pool in her Puddle Jumper. She didn't want to leave!

Monday morning we woke bright and early to go to the park to enjoy family breakfast cooked by all of the men. The family all dresses in red, white and blue so of course Jonathan had to go overboard:)

 Adalyn had so much fun playing with my cousins' kids. 

 Of course Cayden wanted to keep up, so his big cousins were helpful in helping him up the stairs and down the slide.

 Catching up with my cousins! I wish we had more time to spend together. Of course I didn't get pictures of all of my other family that was at the picnic. I have a hard time remembering to get my camera out when I'm enjoying myself.
 Another part of our tradition is that there is always a baseball or softball game that happens. Jonathan got into it this year!
 Our breakfast cooks decked out in their USA hats and shirts.
 I love my family.
It's always so hard to visit my parents because each time we visit, it's harder to leave than the last! So glad we had an extended weekend to spend together. The kids were so sad to leave and so was I. I think we're ready for another visit:)

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So cute! I need one of those hammocks in my backyard.