Thursday, July 10, 2014

4th of July

We had a fun and eventful 4th of July! The morning of the 4th, Jonathan and I woke up super early (like earlier than a work day!) to go run a race in downtown. It was a 10K which is longer than my usual races, which I was a bit worried about. I wasn't thrilled to wake up early and run it, but I'm glad I did it. Our neighbor owns a business and pays our entry fee to run some of the races downtown as long as we wear his company shirts as advertising. So we got to run the race for free. It was PERFECT weather for a July race and there were tons of people along the course cheering us on. There was even an old rag time band at the turnaround. It was so patriotic! And yes, I was passed by 4 firefighters in full gear with training tanks on! When the firefighters would run past the crowd everyone would erupt with cheers for them. It was awesome!
Jonathan finished in 41:02 which is a 6:37 pace (amazing!) and I finished in 1:03. I was hoping for under an hour, but 1:03 is still about a 10:00 pace so it was ok. Would you believe that it was such a huge race that Jonathan's finish time didn't get him any medals? He's not used to walking away from races without a medal. Ha! He was 118 out of 2,842 and 15th in his age group. I was 1,799 and 126th out of 225 in my age group. 
 Team pictures!

 I didn't have enough time to get to the meeting spot before the race to meet up with my running group, but my one of the girls in my group happened to walk past us as we were doing team pictures so we had to get a picture together. She was very patriotic:)
After the race, we went back to the house, got some lunch and put the kids down for a nap. After naptime, we were off to Louisville to celebrate the 4th with Jonathan's extended family. His aunt and uncle always host an awesome party, rent water slide inflatables, smoke some yummy meat and shoot off some serious fireworks for our own personal show! One of Jonathan's cousin's friends came and she was into photography and took a bunch of candid pictures so I had to download them all from facebook:) Of course this mama totally forgot my camera at home, so all of my pictures were from my phone.

 Face plant! Whoops. Good thing he got back up and wanted to get right back on the slide:)

 Getting ready for the fireworks show!

Sparkler fun! 

 J and his tacky hat:)

 The kids would jump with each of the firework "bangs" but they seemed to like the show. Cayden was talking with me and saying oooh and aaah. At one point I realized that he wasn't talking anymore and sure enough he was sound asleep with his hand on his face. Ha! (My kids were asking for their pjs and beds before it was even dark out.) I guess the busy day caught up to him!
It was so nice to have an extended weekend to celebrate the 4th and the freedom that we enjoy living in America.

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Lindsy said...

Wow! That is a jam packed fun family weekend. Looks like a blast.