Thursday, July 3, 2014

5K on the Runway

Two weekends ago Jonathan and I ran in the United Way 5K on the Runway race. We have never run this race before but I was excited to do it this year! The first mile of the race is on the back access road to the runway (and there was a bit of a surprise hill) and the last two miles are literally looping the back runway at the airport. FLAT! That must be what it's like to run a race in the north!

I was so looking forward to running a flat race. The morning of the race we had a thick fog where we could barely see in front of our car on our way to the race. The nice part was that there wasn't any sun beating down on us, but the humidity was absolutely insane! They actually delayed the start of the race due to the fog with cars still trying to get in the parking lot. All of the planes at the airport had been delayed also and when they were cleared for takeoff it was fun because we got to watch one after another plane taxi and take off just a runway away! So cool for the kids to watch. Because the fog was still so thick, once the front wheels of the plane were off the ground we weren't able to see the rest of the plane take off. CRAZY!

They had some small planes for us to see and touch so of course we had to get pictures near them!

 Some of the girls from the Moms Run This Town running group!

Jonathan was hoping for a PR because we heard that this is a favorite race for PR's. Unfortunately he woke up Thursday morning sick to his stomach and was still sick on Saturday. He pushed through it and ran a good race and finished in 20:11. He said he about puked running across the finish line but he held it together! He wasn't thrilled with his time, but seriously if I had a 20 minute finish time I'd be having a party for myself. So I'd say he did well:)
 You can tell by his face how bad he felt.

I hadn't been able to train the week leading up to the race because of the heat/humidity and our schedule so I wasn't sure how I'd do. I ended up finishing in 28:44. Not a PR. Bummer. I wasn't able to take advantage of the flat terrain as I had hoped. Honestly when I was talking with the other girls that ran the race, we all said we were faked out since there wasn't sun, we kind of expected it to be less hot but the humidity was absolutely out of control and almost made things worse.
 Looking a bit like a crazy lady! I thought I was smiling for the camera. HA!
The kids love the chick-fil-a cow so we tried to get a picture with it, but Cayden wouldn't take his eyes off of the cow to turn around and take a picture. And my eyes are closed. Real life, people.
I love running together and exposing the kids to it. Next up is a 10k tomorrow morning!

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Janine said...

Y'all are the runningest family I know! (Is that a word?) I am impressed!