Monday, October 19, 2009

Good News!!!

And NO I'm not pregnant! HA! I had you all going didn't I? My good news is that I gave my resignation today at the bank!! I have known for a while that banking is not my long-term's just not for me. Now, I've been working at a bank since I graduated college in 2003 and I feel like I'm good at it, but when I look at my life and what I'm doing, I just didn't feel enough worth. It was kinda one of those things where I looked at my life and said, "I'm almost this all there is to life? What do I want to be when I grow up? I thought I'd know that by now in life!!" I felt like I could be using my skills for so much more. Also, after a merger I found out a couple months ago that my position at the bank as an office manager would be eliminated so I needed to choose a different position (none of which were particularly interesting to me.)

I sent my resume to my church back in August for a finance job. (My church is large and when I say large, I mean 15,000+ members.) So it was more than a month before I heard back for an interview because there were so many applicants. After 2 interviews I was offered a job as a Financial Associate Director last week!!! Can you tell I am excited??? Should I use more exclamation points??!! :) I won't go into what my job responsibilities are, but just know that all of my banking skills will be used and I feel like they are finally being used for a good purpose...not for just hitting sales goals and a positive profit margin like at the bank!

So, even in this time of turmoil, God has provided for us. He has a plan! Next Thursday will be my last day at the bank and then I will start at the church the first of November. I'm just so excited. I might have to do some fashion posts though, because my entire closet of dress clothes are no longer necessary since most people wear jeans at the church! Sounds like some time for celebratory shopping!! :)


Meg said...

Hi! Came across your blog randomly. Just wanted to say congrats on the new job! God has a plan for everyone and everything!

Sue said...

Congratulations Abby!! Very exciting news! My niece just quit her job at the bank and had her last day last Friday. This morning she started at her new job which is in the field she studied in university... I understand your excitement for your new career.

Speaking of career... I'm still at 45 trying to figure out what I want to be when I "grow up"... good for you for figuring it out early ;-)

Big hugs xo

Janine said...

YAY!! COngrats, Abby! :)