Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Carving and a Surprise!

Wednesday night Tim and Lindsy and Billie and Derek were planning on coming over to carve pumpkins. We have a tradition to get together to carve our pumpkins...we've been doing it since before Jonathan and I were even married! It's so much fun to have traditions like that with friends. I made some White Chicken Chili and was waiting for everyone to get here when I got a call from Billie telling me she thought her water had broken!! Wha??? A week and a half early on your first child?? So, they were headed to the hospital! How exciting!!!

So Tim and Lindsy got to the house and we ate and carved our pumpkins...the entire time wondering how things were going and how far along Billie was and oh my goodness she's having her baby!!! We had a great time with T and L! Our pumpkins turned out cute. Jonathan did the witch, I did the ghost, Lindsy did the cat, and Tim did "Tool Time" (because they were decorating their trunk for trunk-or-treat as an old TV show so they did Home Improvement.)

Here are some pics from Lindsy's camera. I loaned mine to Billie and Derek, so I haven't downloaded the pics from pumpkin carving yet.

Billie labored all night and Eli was born Thursday morning! (I skipped work on my last day at the bank so I could be at the hospital...well worth it if you ask me!) She did so well and Eli is so precious. I'm so happy for Billie and Derek!


Justin and Jessica said...

Your pumpkins look great!

White chicken chilli sounds good - could you email me that recipe?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lindsy said...

Carving pumpkins was so much fun! I hate that Billie and Derek missed the evening but obviously something much more important was brewing! Looking forward to next year already!=)

Sue said...

Now those are some mighty impressive pumpkins Abby!! I'm impressed BIG TIME! (or is that Tool Time... no... Big Time!) lol

So exciting to hear Eli made his trek safely and that the 3 of them are doing well :-D How fun for you to play hookie your last day at the Bank - hee hee. Did you start your new job today? Can't wait to hear how it went!