Tuesday, October 6, 2009

10 Years Already??

Remember Romy and Michelle?

Well, back in high school my girlfriends and I watched Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion about a billion times and could quote the entire thing. ("If you need to make a call, I've got a phone." - That just shows you how old the movie is!) There are even certain things like Cool Ranch Doritos and the fun 80s songs that still bring me back to that good old movie. What I never realized was that Romy and Michelle were going to their 10 year high school reunion!!! Back when I watched that movie I never imagined myself actually being old enough to go to my 10 year reunion!! Well, here I am!

Friday night we went to the homecoming football game. Back when I attended my school, Toledo Christian School, we didn't have a football team, so homecoming was always during basketball season! This was my first ever TCS football game so it was a bit weird...no old memories of football games:) We were not prepared for the freezing cold weather that we found in the north! So all that thought that went into my casual chic outfit for the football game was forgotten when I had to wear a coat buttoned up all night in order so I didn't freeze! :) Here's a pic from the game. Jonathan didn't have anything warmer than a track jacket...boy were we surprised by the weather!
Saturday night we went to Zia's for a delicious Italian dinner! It was kinda weird when we first got there because we were only about 10 minutes late (on purpose to be fashionable of course) and everyone was already seated at the tables. So it was a bit awkward to walk into a room when everyone is already seated. Anyway, we had a great time during and after dinner catching up. Here are some pics from the evening.
My friend Karen and her baby Finn
My friends Sarah and Nick (Karen's hubby-high school sweethearts) and Finn. Can you tell the room was hot from how my face is glistening? :)
Jonathan and me - Shirt is from Forever 21 for $10.50. Earrings from For Love 21 $3.80.*
Nick is a wonderful photographer and got some great pics! Black ring from For Love 21 for $6.80.
Silver bracelet from For Love 21 $7.80.
I think this picture is funny! I was obviously very serious about whatever Terah and I were talking about:)
All of the Class of 99 TCS alumni. I only graduated with about 63 people so we had a small reunion.
Then after dinner a bunch of us went out to Starbucks to hang out and talk a little more. I really do wish that all of my old friends could have come to the reunion because it was just so much fun to catch up after so long!

All in all, it was a great weekend! Next weekend we get to do this all over again at Jonathan's 10 year reunion!
*Can you tell my mom and I went shopping while I was in Toledo? Since Lexington doesn't have a For Love 21 or Forever 21 I have to get my fill in when I'm in Toledo:)


Sue said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. Seeing your friend's baby made me giggle thinking of Gross Pointe Blank when John Cusack/Martin Blank is at his 10 year reunion and runs into an old friend with a baby. I digress...

You looked great - very hip outfit and I quite liked your houndstooth coat you wore at the football game too. I think you've been spoiled by that Southern weather too long though - you've lost your northerner ability to withstand the cool Fall ;-)

Can't wait to hear how your next reunion goes this weekend.


Lindsy said...

Looks like fun. I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves.


Your reunion looks like SO much fun. I love the pictures of you - you are SO pretty! Glad you had a great time - my reunion is in 2 years - yikes!