Saturday, October 17, 2009

When it Rains, it Pours

Have you ever noticed that when things are rough in life and you feel like you've been through a lot, somehow more trials come your way?? I know they are all for a reason but seriously...sometimes you feel like you've been pummeled! Somehow God has given us some wonderful moments in our time of trials. Beware...this is a LONG post! :)

Lets back up to last weekend. We were preparing to go to Louisville for Jonathan's reunion the next day. I got home from work around 6:30 on Friday night and Jonathan (the wonderful husband he is) had laundry started. We needed to go to the grocery store so I went to go change out of work clothes. By the time I was ready for the grocery store (yes, we have rip-roaring Friday nights!) Jonathan said he thought we had a problem. Uh oh! Our washing machine was full of water, soap and clothes and the stupid thing wouldn't drain or rinse. J messed around with it for a while but no luck. So we decided since I had bought it second-hand in my single days, it wasn't worth the money to spend on a repairman. All evening we researched washer/dryer combos so that we knew which brands had good reviews etc. I knew I wanted a nice front-load set that will last for years to come, but we needed to find a good deal because we didn't want to spend an arm and a leg. A washer is just not something "fun" to buy.

Saturday we set out early and ended up going to I think 7 different appliance stores looking for possible Columbus Day sales. There was one set I had my eye on from the first store we went to on Friday night. Come to find out, that was the one that had great reviews and we eventually found it seriously on sale! Yay!! We went back to Lowe's (because they match prices, have free next day delivery, and really low cost for their service plan - which we never buy, but thought it was necessary on this purchase.) The delivery guys were very kind and I'm very happy with the service we got there. It wasn't like being on a used car lot (like some of the other stores). Here's a pic of my beautiful new set!!!! I LOVE it! It makes me WANT to do laundry...we'll see how long that lasts! Ha! Coda just had to get in the picture:)

Because it took us so long to make that purchase, we got to Louisville in just enough time to get to the reunion, so J didn't have time to stop by to see his dad, which were his original plans. (I personally think God let our washer break so that we would not be in town early because it would have been horrible if J had found his dad.) God always has a plan right?...not that I really know what His plan is.

At the funeral on Thursday, three of Jonathan's old friends from Trinity (his high school) came. I know that just touched him so much that these guys were there for him. His dad had graduated from Trinity also and they had sent a nice plaque. I told J that it seems like it's a "boys club" that once you're one of them, you will always have them. I know it was very comforting for Jonathan to have the guys there.

Jonathan brought me back to Lex last night because I had a 10K race with my girlfriends this morning (post to come in the near future). When we got home last night we noticed that our light on the front porch was out...3 light bulbs all at once?? J parked in the driveway so he could empty out the backseat of funeral flowers, and luggage. While I was unpacking our bags, J came in to tell me that he car would not turn on when he tried to put it in the garage!!! Are you serious??!! I'm pretty sure we've been through enough trials this week! (In case you're wondering, we checked the light and it really was that ALL 3 bulbs burned out at the same time. We changed two bulbs out but the third was broken off inside...that will be another project on another day.)

Long story short, he figured out it was his battery so he jumped it first thing this morning, took it to a shop and then headed back to Louisville for the weekend to continue going through his dad's house. I wish I could be there for him today and tomorrow, but when you've trained (ok, so maybe I haven't truly trained like I should have) or looked forward to a race, you just really want to complete it. I hope that doesn't sound selfish. I really would have given up the race, but J really wanted me to still do it.

So extremely long story short of our week in a nutshell. I'm ready to have a season of life that is "easy". That's not always how it works, so with God I know that we can endure what comes our way. When we do have more struggles, He will get us through. And on a happier note, I will have some good news next week to share...I'll leave you in suspense!! :) God is good to us through the good times and bad.

PS. Seriously!?! My camera's memory card has something wrong and cannot be read in my laptop. GRRR! I had to hook my camera up to my desktop to get that picture off of it!


Sue said...

Bless your sweet heart! What a week you've had to endure.

My prayers have been with you & Jonathan all week and I will continue to do so. It may be okay for him to sort through his Dad's stuff alone as it may allow him to grieve differently, without worrying that he's upsetting you by being upset. I know you'll be there for him and would totally if he really insisted! I'm glad you were able to get your run done and get some of the tension from the week out at the same time.

LOVE the new washer/dryer! It will soon be time to replace all our 15yr old appliances. I had thought I'd get a new oven but it was only $35 for the new element so that was okay but now my fridge leaks (haven't cleaned it to figure it out) and I hate my washer. We replaced the dryer with a cheaper one a few years ago because we thought we'd be moving but we never did. Oh well! Enjoy your new "toy" ;-)

Can't wait to hear your good news! Sending big hugs & continued prayers for you both! Hugs

Lindsy said...

So, I knew your washer had broken and you guys had bought a new one but I didn't realize you bought a set. It's my term to steal a word used often in this posting: seriously!?!?!? Wow! It's super nice.

Glad J's car is up and running and that light bulbs are replaceable. Hopefully things begin to look up and no more unlucky incidences are in your near future. =)