Monday, November 8, 2010

Last Day of Pregnancy!

Today is my last day of being pregnant! So crazy that the day is here already!  When I went to my doctor's appointment on Friday, they hooked me up to a non-stress test.  Adalyn's heartbeat was wonderful! yay!! But my blood pressure was high (well it was high for me but not crazy high... I've had really low blood pressure this whole pregnancy.) and so my doctor said that if I hadn't been scheduled for an induction tomorrow that she would make me have an induction tomorrow.  She doesn't want to mess around with high blood pressure.  I love how cautious my doctor is.  She really does look out for my (and Adalyn's) best interest!  On Friday I was at 3 cm and still 50%!  So we're moving.  I still haven't felt a single contraction which at this point, I'd like to feel!  I'd love to have things move naturally today before we have to get induced tomorrow at 6am!  I do have crazy pains in my back every so often, so I don't know if that is back labor or not.  It's hard to know when you've never been through labor before...I have no clue what to feel for! 

Since I've been on "vacation" from work for the past 2 weeks, my swelling in my feet has been sooo much better!  I actually put my running shoes on to run errands on Saturday and it was glorious! (I have a recurring issue since college sports of plantar fasciitis - horrible pain in my foot- and since I've not been able to wear supportive shoes since my feet have only fit into flip flops my foot pain has flared up BAD! So half the time I'm limping/waddling it's not from my belly.  It's from my foot! I'm hoping that after birth I'll be able to be more careful with wearing supportive shoes and my foot will heal so I can get out running asap!! :)  I miss it so much!!

I cannot wait to meet Adalyn and kiss her sweet face!!  It's crazy to think that I'll meet her tomorrow!  I know that I will miss feeling her squirm and flail around in my belly so today I'm trying to soak that in!

As a little celebration of meeting our girl, I wanted to post a few more of our maternity shots that Jes took. There were so many amazing pictures that I can barely choose which ones to post! I don't know how I'll ever decide which ones to blow up and frame!! If you're in the Lexington area, check out and set up an appointment for yourself! (No I'm not getting paid for the endorsement...I just love Jes!)

 This one was so hard to balance the blocks on my belly. I started laughing and they all fell off.  I only had one "A" block, so Jes did an awesome job of photo shopping that second "A" in there!

Our little family.  You had to know Dakota would get in a few pictures! :)
 I love how the pictures at the orchard turned out. The unending row of trees is awesome!

 I think this might be my favorite picture.  It is so "us".  I love that Jes was able to capture our personalities in our pictures!
I could post tons more, but I won't put you all through that!  I'm just so happy with how they turned out!  I still can't believe that tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! (or, you know, today could be the big day too!)


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Oh WOW!!! Tomorrow is the big day!! Good luck and I can't wait to see pics and hear about it! :)

The pics are all great!

Murdock's mama said...

Ahh...this is so exciting! Your photos are beautiful! I'll be praying for you and sweet baby A!

Sue said...

You're not putting us through anything but a sheer JOYFEST with those pictures Abby! We all know this little girl has been long waited for and already so loved, not only by you & your family but also your friends (both offline & on!)

I'm so glad you are savoring this moment today. That is so precious :-) This has been such a fun journey to be on with you, particularly as I've lived vicariously through you - hee hee.

I hope your feet feel better soon. I struggle with that same thing with my feet and getting older (with a strong family history of arthritis) doesn't help. I know you'll be thrilled to wear those comfy shoes again soon!

Have a wonderful day Sweetie and I will be praying for you & thinking of you tomorrow. Can't wait to hear your good news!! (Yay for technology!!)

Hugs xo
P.S. I still need to get her gift in the mail... this week for sure! ;-)

Crystal said...

SO happy your big day is finally here!!! I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet girl! While I was in recovery they gave me some ice and it was so weird not to feel Macey move around while I was eating it. Good luck tomorrow!!! I love all the pictures!!!