Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My llittle Dracula

This is our last Halloween to only have a fur baby to dress up.  Next year we will have an almost one year old to dress up too!  Crazy to think about!  We always dress Dakota up in a different costume and he greets the trick-or-treaters.  He actually behaves himself pretty well (I think he gets overwhelmed with all the activity).  This year, Jonathan and my dad picked out his costume.  He was a little Dracula.  He actually didn't mind wearing it like he has other costumes in the past. 

Poor thing is a bit shaggy.  He goes to the groomer tomorrow.

We had a great time handing candy out.  It was so mild out so we sat outside in camping chairs to greet the trick-or-treaters in the front yard and talked back and forth with our next door neighbors who were doing the same thing.  I love the community feel that our neighborhood has!  We were worried that we would run out of candy because there are always tons of kids playing in our neighborhood so we figured we would get tons of trick-or-treaters.  And we got quite a few trick-or-treaters for the first hour and then it was over and we were left with a full unopened bag of candy, a half bag of chocolate and the remainder of candy that was in the big bowl that we were using to hand it out.  Our old neighborhood would have gone through that easily.  Oh well.  I guess we just have to eat the candy ourselves:)

We go back to the baby doctor today so I will update tomorrow on our progress.  I'm living up this whole not working/hanging around the house thing!  Pretty awesome:)  But it makes the whole waiting for Adalyn even harder!



So much fun. Next year you'll have a little girl to dress up!! :-) Love the belly pictures and the nursery. the nursery is AMAZING!

Sue said...

Dakota looks cute in his costume :-) It was super cold here for Halloween. I'm glad you had a mild night. Your new neighborhood sounds wonderful! I can barely remember a Halloween warm enough up here to sit outside to hand out candy. We end up sitting in our front hall on the staircase. BORING! lol

I'm glad you're enjoying being home. Revel in your peace and quiet because this is it Girlfriend. You're in the home stretch! ;-) (Which reminds me, I need you to email me your address again so I can send Adalyn a little something I picked up for her!)
Hugs xo