Friday, December 16, 2011

2011 Christmas Decorations

This is our second Christmas in this house so of course I went back into my old blog posts and pictures from last year to see where all of my decorations went. I'm a person of habit so if I found a place for my decorations last year and was happy with it then I didn't want to waste time this year refiguring out the same decorations. Many of these pictures are quite similar to last year, but I did mix things up a little bit:)

Let's start with the living room. Adalyn received the Little People Manger set from Jonathan's boss last Christmas. (How sweet was that?) So, we set the manger up under the tree and she loves to put the people and animals in and out of the black bin. She was playing with her manger until I got the camera out and then she thought I needed her to crawl to me. :)
This tree was new last year and I still love it. I absolutely love the fun feel of the lime green and bright red. The tree topper makes me happy! After Christmas last year I went to one of my favorite boutique stores by my mom's house and I got a bunch of fun glass ornaments on discount. This year as I was unwrapping all of these awesome ornaments it was like opening Christmas presents because I couldn't remember what I had bought and I still loved everything I had bought!
 Here it is at night. Glowing.
I like my mantle. The red present was from the same fun boutique as the ornaments. I bought it and a green one two years ago after Christmas and last year had them sitting together on the fireplace hearth.  I didn't think that would work this year with Adalyn into everything, so I moved it up to the mantle and I love it! It's so sparkly and the colors are great. I already posted about my fun Mud Pie stockings. At some point I'm going to have our initials embroidered into the top circle, but not this year:) I love how everything looks together.
 At night. I love how the red box looks so different at night.
This is above my couch. I love reindeer and I've built quite a collection. I used to have a few around the house on the ground, but again I decided this year was not the year to have pokey metal decorations on the floor, so they took over the shelves. The only two new items this year are the picture frame (which was a Christmas gift last year and I was so excited that it matched my new lime green/red color scheme) and the red/green glittery garland on the top shelf. You can't see in this picture but it's the same material and colors as the gift on the mantle and I love how it pulls the colors and texture into this wall.
Hey! How did she sneak in here? :) I just couldn't resist. She was playing with her "bike" from grandma and papa. She has finally learned how to get on and off of it herself!
Jonathan hates when I put any decorations on the TV console but this green present is perfect because it's tall and skinny so it's out of the way of the TV screen and it's cute so when I watch TV it makes me happy!
Here's a wide view of the living room in all it's toy glory:) As unbelievable as it is, Adalyn has not bothered the tree or the presents one bit! I'm so relieved! I was careful to put less ornaments on the bottom row of branches, but she hasn't gotten into it at all.  She will look at it and point to it, but she's so good about not touching. I hope we keep this up next year too:)
This is next to the front door. I wanted to do a bit of winter theme and just do plain trees. (There are three different sizes of lit trees.) The tree on the stand has little pine cones and I always keep it out all winter. I love this little corner at night.
This is our dining room. Our table is so bit that it takes up the entire room, but I love having a tree in our front window, so we just squeeze it in! This is what my tree looked like back when I was single. I was really into the dark red and gold colors. I still like this tree, but it's not as fun as our other tree.  We put our memory ornaments on this tree. All of the "Couple's First Christmas" and "Baby's First Christmas" and Willow Tree ornaments that J gives me every year go on this tree.
My Willow Tree nativity set. I absolutely love it and I've loved holding Adalyn and showing her all the different animals. I love giving it the main stage of the buffet. I've been building this set since we got married. Every year J's mom gives me another piece to it. Last year I got the angel and I now only have one piece missing! (I totally just realized that there is a reindeer booty in the forefront of the picture. Sorry!!)
 The dining room
I love this mistletoe. I have it in our main walkway. My mom always hung mistletoe under our entryway growing up and I love the memories. Adalyn loves when we walk under it. She points up to it and then we kiss her. It's so cute! She's gotten really in to giving kisses:)
Jonathan's mom gave us this advent calendar our first Christmas and I love it. Growing up I used a felt advent calendar that my grandma made me and I have such wonderful memories of using it. When Adalyn is old enough we will use that one also. But I love this one. It's perfect with our decorations!
Somehow I forgot to take pictures of the two pink trees in Adalyn's room. I love her trees. They give such a pretty glow to her room in the evenings. Maybe one night before she goes to bed, I'll remember to snap a picture:)  And now our decorations are documented so I can look back next year to see where everything goes! Ha:) I hope you enjoyed a peek into our house this Christmas!


Savannah said...

I LOVE all of your decorations! So fun and festive. It's crazy that Miss A has not bothered your tree or gifts. What a great little girl!

Miss Charming said...

Such a beautiful tree. Love the topper. I bet having a sweet girl to share Christmas with makes it so much better.

Malisa said...

I love your Christmas trees! Your Willow Tree set is stunning, I think I'm going to start collecting it every year too. That's a fabulous idea! The children's nativity set is so cute! Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!