Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jonathan's MBA Graduation

I need to take a moment to brag on my husband. On Saturday he graduated from Morehead State University with his MBA (Masters in Business Administration). When he graduated from UK (undergrad) he didn't walk, so I told him when he graduated with his Masters that he would be walking! I was so so proud of him when I saw him walk into the ceremony in his cap and gown!

Let's back up a minute. Jonathan had always talked about going back to school at some point, but we put it off due to the expense. Then he got a job at the University of Kentucky. Employees of UK can attend any state school for FREE because the school values learning. (We of course paid for taxes and books out of pocket but we couldn't complain since everything else was covered).  So two years ago Jonathan decided to start his masters classes at Morehead. (Morehead had a completely online program where UK he would have had to attend physical classes.)  He took 2 classes per semester for fall, spring and summer the past two years...aka no breaks! When he puts his effort towards something he goes full out for it. Last year when Adalyn was born I even asked him to just take one class per semester but he was so determined to finish in two years that he kept up his pace.

Jonathan is a really good student and he has this brain that just sucks up info, so he did amazing in his classes with (I'm sure) less studying than his fellow students. For the first few semesters he was getting a 4.0 and then found out that Masters grads don't get any honors. He was so bummed out. Let's just say that he would have had honors cords had they had them for the MBA students. I truly don't know how he completed his courses in such a small time with such amazing grades while working a full time at a very stressful job, being a supportive husband and an attentive daddy.  He truly is amazing. And I'm so lucky to have him!

Since his classes were online he'd never been to the campus before. We were all surprised by how small the gym was (and that the graduation was in the gym). There were more people graduating than I was expecting since it was a winter graduation. The gym was packed so we had to sit up in about the furthest seat away from the stage. Bummer. But I still took a few pictures! It was a very long and very boring ceremony. (You really forget  how boring they can make those things.) Although watching him walk across stage to get his hood was so exciting! Here are some pictures of his big day!

Waiting patiently for the ceremony to start.
 Jonathan walking in.
 Jonathan walking across stage.
 My two favorite people! (After the 2 hour ceremony can you tell that A wasn't "perky" anymore?)
 Jonathan, his mom, sister and kids.

We came back to the house afterwards for cake and a celebration. We were blessed that our friends and family could come and celebrate Jonathan and his achievement! We of course were sad that my parents weren't able to come. We know that they really wished that they were there. My mom was actually back in the hospital with an infected incision. She has since come home and will be healing for at least the next month. We're just glad she's ok and is home from the hospital. But we for sure missed them at this momentous occasion.

Jonathan, I am so very proud of you! You did it!!! And no more studying and papers!! yipee!!

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Crystal said...

A big Congrats to your hubby! I'm glad your mom is doing better too!