Thursday, December 8, 2011

Phone pics and an update

Here comes another random post. I can't gather my thoughts for a real post so I decided to upload a couple of my phone pics from the past couple weeks.

Eli stayed with us when his sister was born. When E and A saw each other in the morning (A was already in bed when he got to the house the night before) it was precious and they played so sweetly together. Eli wanted some milk and kept telling me that Adalyn was thirsty and that she needed a drink too. (How do you love that cheerleader pose my child is sporting?)

I tweeted this picture last week. I fell in love with these stockings last year and then couldn't find them in stock anywhere. Thanks to Jes for texting me a picture of them at a local store. I wasn't sure about the white with green dot stocking so the tags are still on in this picture. But I've decided to keep the white one. I love them!! They make the room so happy. And yes, we do have a stocking for our dog. He is our first child!

Before church on Sunday we took a picture to send to Grandma Nan to cheer her up. This outfit is so cute! Layers of ruffles!

Adalyn loved the kids menu that she was given at the Olive Garden. She looked like she was reading a newspaper. Cracked us up!

Jonathan worked on the outside decorations last weekend. I love the lights. They make me so happy! We have new landscape since last Christmas so we needed some extra strands of lights to finish the bushes. Jonathan went to Lowes and Walmart and would you believe that both stores were completely out of all Christmas lights??? He ended up finding some soft white LED lights that I just KNEW were going to look blue and wouldn't match, but he put them out anyway, and can you tell where they are? Didn't think so!

This week our church is packing 1 million meals to be sent to Haiti through Lifeline Ministries. Our MUMs group decided that since our meeting was cancelled and this event was going on during our normal meeting time that we would all volunteer together.  We had to wear some especially flattering hair nets.  Lindsy and I had so much fun since we're competitive and were rockin it so our table finished first!

Just a portion of the MUMs group.  These were the ladies (and gentleman - our table leader) who were at our table! And  yes, that baby hung out in her stroller with a hair net on the entire time. Such a good baby!

Update on my mom: She is thankfully out of ICU as of Tuesday. She still has a lot of recovery ahead of her and is in a lot of pain but she's at least going in the right direction. She's back on fluids so that's great! Thanks for your continued prayers!


Crystal said...

Cute pics and I LOVE the stockings!!! SO glad to hear your Mom is doing better!!!

Savannah said...

Yay for a random post! LOVE those stockings and your Christmas lights! What a giving group to send food to Haiti ... hairnets and all. :) Hope you are having a great week!