Monday, December 12, 2011

Another Random Post...Surprise!

My wonderful husband has started a blog!  Go check it out here! Of course back in college he was a bit of a computer geek (ok so maybe he still is a bit of a computer geek) and he was able to write his own code for the buttons on the side of his blog. I was amazed and asked why he never offered to make my blog all cool with fun buttons!! That is just wrong! :) I'm interested to read what he has to say on his blog... And maybe I'll sweet talk him into making my blog pretty:)

We have finished all of the Christmas decorations in the house, but I hate the wreath on my front door. I've looked to buy a new one but can't find one anywhere. The wreath I've used for the past few years was faded and looked pink/orange instead of red, so I pulled a wreath out of the attic from at least 6 years ago and it is awful.

Jonathan and I got ALL of our Christmas shopping done last Wednesday (we took the day off to spend together) and Saturday! It feels so good to have everything done.  We also wrapped all of our gifts for everyone but for Adalyn. All I need to do is buy Jonathan's gift and think of something for Adalyn's sitter. I want to get her something extra special but I am at a loss...

And as a reward for reading yet another random post, here are two pictures from Adalyn's one year photo shoot with Jes. She refused to smile except for 2 in pictures the entire day but I still love them!

Please continue to keep my mom in your prayers. She is still in the hospital and is slowly recovering, but it is a slow process filled with ups and downs. Unfortunately she also was diagnosed with pneumonia a couple days ago, so now we are praying for her lungs along with her colon! Hoping she can go home soon!


Janine said...

Great pics! Keagan never smiles in pics anymore, especially if we are in the pics with him!! It saddens my heart. I hope your mom is OK...whatever caused all this??

Our Family of Four said...

Love those pictures!

Sarah and Ryan said...

Hi Abby! I sat next to you at our Mums Christmas dinner at Saul's and wanted to let you know I've been praying for your mom. Also...I read your husbands bio on his blog and he sounds just like my husband. We should all get together sometime. Ryan doesn't have any guy friends here since he works with an older group of professors, so I know he'd enjoy getting to know someone his age, who loves sports and UK. :-)