Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fries Fries Fries

I will admit that we've been quite slow in introducing new foods to Adalyn. I wanted to keep her on organic milk, yogurt, fruits and veggies for as long as possible. But we've finally started her on big people foods. I'm still quite cautious about what she eats because I don't want her to get a taste for "bad" foods. But slowly we've been introducing "bad" foods here and there. She now eats what all the older kids at the sitters' eat and the last couple times we've gone out to get food, I've actually ordered her something off the kids menu (as opposed to feeding her the organic fruit/veggie pouches I keep in the diaper bag).

One night last week Jonathan came home from work and said he needed a big juicy hamburger and for us to get in the car. He wanted to eat at 5 Guys, but Smashburger is closer and also quite delicious! I tried to order Adalyn 1 chicken strip, but the girl didn't know how to charge me for it so I ended up ordering her a kids chicken strip meal because it only had 2 chicken strips anyway. She loves chicken, which is one of the reasons I keep cooking chicken and one of the reasons Jonathan had to go out to dinner that night.  He told me later that he couldn't eat chicken one more day! Ha! Anyway, she ended up eating an entire chicken strip. Then she tried a french fry. She made a face and didn't eat the rest. Then she tried another fry and then another. After a while we had to cut her off because she was shoving her face full of fries. I'm worried that we've created a monster! :)  Here are a couple pictures of how much she was enjoying her fries.

"Everyone look at this amazing new food I've discovered!!"
 "I better shovel them in fast before mom and dad take the rest away!"

She still won't eat pizza and lots of other foods that I figured she'd dig right into, but she really has started eating so much! When I talk to her sitter, she says that Adalyn sees the older kids eating foods and will usually eat whatever it is because they are. So I guess peer pressure is good sometimes!


Lindsy said...

That's awesome. Little secret.....Avery has already had fries & pizza. Ha! I have been a bit more lax round two. The child is done with a spoon...she only wants finger foods. So...finger foods it is. Don't get me wrong, she gets peas, green beans, grapes, etc but she loves a fry too. All things in moderation. It's so fun watching them try new things, isn't it?

Sue said...

You & Lindsy are SO cute... I'm so living vicariously through you two and your Momma tales!! Love that Adalyn is expanding her horizons ;-)

Hugs xo

The Lindsey Family said...

Love this. It's as if she is saying, "Why has no one told me about fries??!!!"