Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Child Loves Books!

I know I've been absent from blogging lately! Frankly I haven't felt like blogging. In the evenings I've felt sick or tired or have had headaches. So the last thing I've wanted to do was blog. I don't want to be complaining...just telling it like it is. And our lives have been pretty quiet the past couple weeks so I didn't have anything too exciting to blog about. Oh, and you know how I used to always take random pictures of my child and post them? Well, she doesn't stand still long enough for me to snap any pictures! She's a blur in all of the pictures I take! But she is so precious right now. It's hard to put into words all of the sweet and cute things she does. The way she says "das" for "yes" or the way she "da da" for "thank you". And she's just so much fun! Her little personality is just abounding.

Adalyn has been really into books the past couple weeks. She's always liked her book basket, but lately she goes and unloads that basket and wants to read everything before she even goes to her toys anymore. She has a few Sandra Boynton books she loves and her other two favorites are the two I've read before bed since she was little: "Goodnight Moon" and "A Night Night Prayer". I have both of those memorized and she asks to read them all day long. She loves to put her hand in my hand so that I help her point to all the items in the "great green room". 

We might actually need to make a trip to the bargain book section of Joseph Beth to see if we can get a few new ones in the rotation so that I don't go crazy reading the same books over and over! Ha!

Well, another SERIOUS favorite of hers is "Blue Hat, Green Hat" by Sandra Boynton. She absolutely belly laughs when I read it to her. So cute. The other day we had already read it about 5 times in a row and I decided to try to record it with my phone while I read it to her. She was a bit distracted but I still thought it was pretty cute. You can see for yourself. Oh and please don't mind my weird voice. I hate listening to myself on videos.


Sue said...

She is so precious Abby, even though I couldn't see the video (said it was private).

I found these super cute books at the Christian bookstore for the Triplets this past Christmas. I should find the names of them to give to you - they were SUPER funny, probably more for adults, even though they were children's books.

Hope your morning sickness is completely over soon!! No belly shots yet?

Janine said...

Her laugh is infectious!! So cute!!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

So cute!!

Cohen loves books too!

Crystal said...

So cute and I love that little laugh!!! Macey has been the same way with books lately!

Our Family of Four said...

She is so adorable!