Thursday, November 17, 2011

Adalyn's Birthday Party - Party Pics

Now that you've seen the decorations and food from the party it's time for some party pictures.  We had a family party plus 3 couples (and their kids) who are like family to us. There were 13 adults and 9 kids under 6 years old. I was sad that my family is so far away that neither of my brothers and their families were able to attend, but I'm thrilled that we will see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas! I'm happy that our parents, Jonathan sister and her two kids, aunt, cousin and her three kids were able to drive in from out of town! Unfortunately I didn't think about getting a picture of each of the guests with Adalyn (that will be top priority on all kids parties going forward!) and I forgot to get a picture of all of the kids! But we did get some candid shots. (Get ready for picture overload!)
With my baby girl...who is soon to be a toddler!
 Big girl standing on her own. No unassisted steps yet though!

 Jonathan and his sister and their kids.
 This was so cute! Jonathan was holding his nephew and Adalyn crawled over to check out what daddy was doing. She didn't seem too jealous so that's good:)
 Adalyn sharing with one of her twin cousins. Right after snapping this "sharing" picture she took the toy back. Ha! The kids played so well together.
Our sweet family. I love these two!
 Birthday girl on her throne waiting to eat cake.
After we sang Happy Birthday we gave her full reign to her smash cake. The first thing she did was pick the green polka dots off the icing and throw them over the side of the high chair. Um, is my child already OCD?
 She wouldn't even lick her fingers and she wouldn't touch the cake again, so I tried to give her a little lick but as you can see, she wasn't ok with that.
 So daddy got a spoon and gave her a bite and she liked it and sat with her little birdie mouth open waiting for more when all she had to do was dig into the cake in front of her. Guess she didn't want to get her hands dirty:)
 This was her first taste of sugar and this is all the damage she did. We were hoping for more of a show:)
 Adalyn was getting ready for nap time but she hung in there and opened every single present! For how much she wasn't into her cake, she made up for during present time.  Everyone was so generous with the presents. We got a nice assortment of precious clothes and perfect toys for her!
 My parents gave her a stuffed dog in her present. When she pulled it out of the bag, she immediately loved on it and kissed it. It was so very sweet. She just sat there swaying like this:
 After a bit of snuggle time, I decided she needed to move on to opening the rest of the presents. For any other presents I had taken from her to move on to the next, she was just fine. But when I took the dog from her this is what she did:
 So I gave it back to her:)
Awww. This dog has pretty much gone everywhere with her since then. It's so cute because she doesn't take a paci and never got attached to a lovie (small blankie) even though I tried, but now she seems quite attached to "pup". It's about the same size and color as Dakota so I think that's why she is extra fond of it:)
 After presents, the kids played so well together with the new toys. These four were all playing with the new doll house. So cute:)
One happy birthday girl! I just love this girl so much! (oh and hey, you can kind of see the streamers in the background that I thought I had missing getting a picture of in my previous post!)

We are so blessed with such a wonderful and supportive family and group of friends. We appreciate everyone who came to celebrate Adalyn's first year of life!


Crystal said...

Looks like a good time!!! I love her little outfit!!! I still can't believe they are one. Macey is walking everywhere now...times goes by too fast!

Janine said...

That top pic of you two is so so good! If you laid this post next to Keagan's birthday post you would see the difference between girls and boys! Hahaha...your child loves her soft, snuggly pup...mine went nuts for his rough and tumble lawn mower. I so wish he would snuggle something!!! But all boy...and Adalyn is such a sweet girl! :) What a fun birthday party :)

Jen said...

Such a sweetie pie :) And I love the picture of her checking on Jonathan with his nephew. Looks like someone needs a baby boy next!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Sweet baby girl! I love the family photo!

Justin and Jessica said...

So cute! :) Love all of the decorations!

I can't believe that Adalyn is one already!

Savannah said...

What a fun party! Every detail is perfect and I'm sure the birthday girl had a wonderful time!