Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Belly Pics

We finally took belly pictures at week 16 and then again this week (week 18). I thought I'd share them on here. It's amazing how far my belly has popped out. It's like it remembers way too easily how to grow! I've been feeling baby boy moving around and I love it! That was one thing I missed after Adalyn was born.
16 Weeks
 18 Weeks
Baby boy is getting closer to having a name...at least I think he is:) And I'm still working on getting ideas for bedding and the nursery. I want to have all these decisions made yesterday:) I know I have time, but the first half of this pregnancy has flown by so fast that I'm worried that the second half will fly this fast also and I'll run out of time to prepare!


Our Family of Four said...

very cute!

Janine said...

I missed this blog somehow. You look cute! And I feel like you: I am growing RAPIDLY, this pregnancy has flown, I am afraid to not get it all done before the second half flies by and we have another child!