Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Adalyn had her first ever Easter Egg Hunt last Saturday. Our church's nursery department did an awesome job in putting on such a big event. They opened the different ball fields for the different age ranges. Adalyn was on the soccer field with other kids up to 24 months. This was great because she didn't have big kids running over her getting to the eggs. They also had empty eggs which made me happy because she doesn't eat candy so I was glad we didn't have to worry about taking it away from her. (There are so many allergies out there they don't take that chance.) They gave each child a small stuffed bunny afterwards and that was all Adalyn needed. Give her a stuffed animal and she's a happy girl.

Of course mommy had to take billions of pictures (and video too) of this momentous occasion. After a bunch of summer weather days, Saturday we had cooler temps with a bit of wind. Thankfully it was beautiful out with lots of sunshine (thus the sunglasses).

I've got my basket. I'm ready to go! (I love how she carries things around like she's got a purse.)
 No, Coda you can't come. Just big kids. (Recognize her outfit from my consignment sale pic? Love it.)
First egg found. You mean I'm supposed to pick that up off the ground??
 Shiny purple egg. Pretty.
In the basket?
Look at all those eggs. She figured it out!
 She got really into it!
My two favorite people! Love them so much!
 Family pic. Such a fun morning!
Once we got home Adalyn spent so much time transferring her eggs from one basket to another basket. Back and forth. So funny. I know I say this at every age, but I really think this is the most fun age. I love watching the world through her eyes. And I love seeing her discover new things and seeing her personality shine! She's going to be a pro at hunting eggs by the time Easter rolls around!


Janine said...

Two things:
1) I wish my child would wear his sunglasses. He would prefer to pull the ear pieces in opposite directions.
2) I would like to say our kid doesn't eat candy. I am impressed. But at the same time, I can't keep him away from it since I eat it daily!!!

Crystal said...

So cute!!! We are taking Macey this weekend to an Easter egg hunt! She is a doll and I love the outfit!! Don't feel bad about not blogging, I am awful at it!!!

Lindsy said...

Since I mega-commented on J's FB album, I'll spare you the repeats ;). So sweet though - loved the pics!